History of the English Language

kenneth parnell ·

I have long been curious of the History and Origin of the English Language.

When exactly did it emerge? is there a specific date or time period?

English Can be Traced as far back as 5,000 BCE

What languages exactly did it originate from?

English is essentially a West Germanic language.

The Primal version of English is called ol English 550–1066 CE aka Anglo-Saxon.

Old English is like English except it has similar grammar to modern German, being closely related so it is hard to understand.

The language is a bit more liberated, from my observation old English is so open it can like poetry I can allow for a broader range of tones and pitch.

Anglo-Sax Replaced Roman British around 400 CE

I'm sure that would be an awesome language to listen to!

Here are some examples of similarities between English and Anglo-Frisian languages

English West Frisian Dutch German
day dei dag Tag
rain rein regen Regen
way wei weg Weg
nail neil nagel Nagel
butter bûter boter Butter
cheese tsiis kaas Käse
church tsjerke kerk Kirche

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