Top 5 Spanish TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

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Money Heist is a Spanish TV show. Money heist is a crime drama series that has launched its four parts until date. The series has two major heists prepared by a professor, one for the Bank of Spain and another for the Royal Mint of Spain.

It was first on-aired on a Spanish network, but later on, when Netflix has started live streaming, they cut the long episodes short and made them available on their site. Its different parts were released at different times from the year 2017 to the year 2020. Its different series had filmed in Spain, Italy, Thailand, Panama, and Florence. These series have won several different awards, including the award for best drama series in 46th international Emmy awards. It's the most famous part is an Italian song, "Bella Ciao," which has played several times during the whole series. It is one of the most-watched series on Netflix and one of the most-watched non-English series.  

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Elite is a Spanish thriller TV show. It is a fictional story, revolves around three working-class teenage students that have enrolled through scholarships, and they have all wealthy classmates.

It has a theme and concept associated with teenage student dramas, but it also focuses on different progressive issues. This series has many different sexual themes in it. It has three seasons released until now. Its first season was released in 2018; the second was released in 2019 and third in 2020. The story is about three students who have their scholarship for a private school in Spain. All of the students in their class belong to wealthy families, and they rejected them in the beginning. However, with the passage of time, they become a part of all that envy and sexual attractions, and the story continues. The story is getting better every season, and people are in love with this series. 

House of flowers

It is a Spanish TV show on Netflix. House of flowers is a black comedy TV series. The series roam around an upper-class Mexican family that owns a prominent florist, and a hardworking bar performer, together they are "house of flowers."

This series has two parts released until now. It is one of the top five Spanish TV shows on Netflix, and it had received high appreciation from the audience. The whole show revolves around a family and their florists. A girl of the family is directing both business and family concerns. The two seasons were live in 2018 and 2019. It has a lighter comedy sense at one end and a dark side on another end. This series is getting popularity and positive reviews of people.


Toy boy is a Spanish TV show on Netflix. A crime series roam around male strippers. One day he woke up at sailboat, next to the dead body of her girlfriend's husband. He was not the murderer, but the situation leads help to the jail for straight fifteen years.

After seven years in jail, a young lawyer came to him and offered him to reopen his case to prove his innocence. The stripper denied, but due to the effort of a lawyer, he was released from the jail on the note that he will have to come back for the next trial. After that, both of them worked on the areas that lead him to jail.


What is Netflix?

Netflix is an online streaming channel that provides the services of watching online shows, series, and movies to its customers. We will call them customers because Netflix will never allow anyone to watch live streaming without payment. It is an American based company. If you have any device that has a stable internet connection, you can watch Netflix over it. It means that it is not always necessary to have a laptop or computer for watching Netflix. You can watch it on your Smartphone as well. The best part of Netflix series and movies is that, rather than online streaming, it is free of ads. Netflix keeps on adding new TV shows and movies every month, so you always have something new to watch.

For using Netflix, it is important to be a part of it by availing the membership of Netflix. 

Netflix Membership

Netflix is offering three kinds of plans to its customers. You can avail of the one that fits perfectly according to your requirements. Following are the plans offered by Netflix:

Basic plan

Standard plan

Premium plan

To avail the basic plan, you should be the only person who has to watch the Netflix, and you are sure that you will never give your login information to any friend or family member because this plan will only allow one person at a time along with a standard definition view on Netflix. If you want to avail Netflix for two persons, get their standard plan. In this plan, you can see the movies or TV shows on Netflix on two screens at the same time and that too in HD (High definition). For availing a package that allows four persons to share the Netflix on four different screens at the same time, go for their premium plan. You will get an HD/UHD 4K view in this package.

TV shows and movies on Netflix

Netflix is providing the service in more than 190 countries over the world. You will get access to their site as soon as you buy their plan. They have a huge list of TV shows, movies, series and much more. They have the feature to show you the content according to your region, and the more you keep on watching Netflix series or movies, the more it will show you the content of your choice. In addition, it is giving you the opportunity to download any TV show or movie so that you can watch it later on when you want. Start today by getting a membership and signing in to your Netflix account. 

Netflix has a huge range of shows and movies in different languages, but right now, we will talk about Spanish TV shows on Netflix. 



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