What Language is trending in 2017

With new year it is a auspicious time to learn a new language, yet the question remains will anyone else be speaking it?

Using trusty Google trends we have made some charts showing which languages are being searched more. And as a good student checks the sources we also have the ACTLF chart of language studies so you can see what tongues college and high school students are speaking.



The first chart shows Spanish holding the lead, it is interesting how close French is since more students by far study Spanish, France has a lot of draw for people and seems to stay consistently in the news. Russian despite it hacking and such remains far below, the main languages. Now let's look at African languages.A quick look shows three languages have significantly more searches, while Fula lags in popularity, and for some reason people are searching Twi a lot less. Overall as can be expected African languages are gaining as interest in the continent civilization came from increases. The lucky thing is you can sample ten African languages for one low price with African languages in a flash, which you can download or receive on a handy USB drive loaded with hundreds of hours of audio and text for learning Swahili, Igbo, Amharic, Yoruba, Twi, Fula, and other languages. Now to Actfl for those not in the know that stands for American Council of Foreign Language Teachers. 1 Spanish 790,756 2 French 197,757 3 American Sign Language 109,577 4 German 86,700 5 Italianv71,285 6 Japanese 66,740 7 Chinese 61,055 8 Arabic 32,286 9 Latin 27,192 10 Russian 21,962 11 Greek, Ancient 12,917 12 Hebrew, Biblical 12,551 13 Portuguese 12,415 14 Korean 12,229 15 Hebrew, Modern 6,698 Others 40,059 Total 1,562,179 100% Wow over one million language students. Interesting notes from this, American Sign Language is very popular now, and contains some good job opportunities especially with an aging population. Portuguese is on our experience is way more popular than this chart shows, schools have not always done a good job changing with tastes and continue to emphasize European languages and ignore African and other languages. Going into 2017 and beyond you have may good choices, learning a second languages improves test scores, helps fights Alzheimer's, improves decision making, and makes you more likely to impress people in business travel and romantic situations. Our advice is simply learn what you want, any knowledge gleamed from learning one language will be helpful if you decide to become a polyglot and learn a third or fourth language. And now here are some tips to learning a new language.
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