Basque Proverbs Quotes and Sayings

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A zer parea! Karakola eta barea!

Translation: Oh, what a pair! A snail and a slug! Basque proverb

Abadearen lapikoa, txikia baina gozoa.

English Translation: The priest's pot is small but tasty.

Basque a Language Of Mystery

 Aberats izatea baino, izen ona hobe.

Translation: It's better to have a good name than to be rich.

Or.. A good name is the best treasure.

Adiskide onekin, orduak labur.

Translation: With good friends the hours are short.

Aita ongi eginkari (xarakiten zau) seme berartrakari.

Translation: A father doing good things will have a similar son.

English equivalent: Like father, like son.

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Alferrak, beti lanez beterik.

Translation: Lazy people are always busy.

or... Busy people have the most spare time.