Harry Potter Portuguese -Harry Potter e As Reliquias Da Morte


You can read Harry Potter in Brazilian or Continental Portuguese now, all seven volumes are available. We now deliver Box sets in a nice gift box. Fast and Free Shipping on all titles. This is the last book in the seven the Deathly Hallows in Portuguese 

Harry Potter e As Reliquias Da Morte 

or order the whole set. we have many other languages available for Harry Potter.

The titles in Portuguese are

Harry Potter e a pedra filosofal 

Harry Potter e a câmara dos segredos 

Harry Potter e o prisioneiro de Azkaban 

Harry Potter e o cálice de fogo 

Harry Potter e a ordem da fénix 

Harry Potter e o enigma do Principe

Harry Potter e as reliquias da morte


Here is a video about translating Harry Potter into Portuguese.






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