Let Me Tell a Story Book With CDs

Ungipaghaghlanga (Let Me Tell a Story) (with CDs) by Koonooka, Christopher (Petuwaq) ; Ayveghhag, Tagikaq ; Asuya, Alghalek ; Nanughhaq, Wiri Alaska's St. Lawrence Island lies just 50 miles off Russia’s Chukotka Peninsula. The Yupik people who live on the island and on the far eastern tip of the Siberian cape are members of closely related families with a common linguistic and cultural heritage. The stories written in this book and read aloud on the accompanying CD reveal not only a shared history but also a rich tradition of oral folklore. In this collection, Christopher Koonooka of Gambell presents the art of Siberian storytelling. He transliterates 35 Chukotkan tales into the writing system of St. Lawrence Island and provides English translations. The stories are illustrated by Native artists, and on an included audio CD Koonooka reads six of them in Yupik. The stories told by six Yupik storytellers of Chukotka were first written down in the 1930s by Russian teacher and linguist G. A. Menovshchikov. With illustrations, bibliography. Language: St. Lawrence Island Yupik (SY59)

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