5 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish

Learning a language is a mind-wrenching task. It's so difficult that most people just lose interest after a few days because it's just too hard. But, if you're someone that has mustered up the courage and decided to learn Spanish, then we're here to help you. 

        The Platiquemos FSI Language Program for Spanish

Thousands of people using the Platiquemos' Spanish learning book have said that it is literally the most complete Spanish course that has ever been written. What sets this course apart from other common courses would be that is it is a combination of both audio and text files. In our opinion, it is the best way to read, write and frequently speak Spanish.

In every pack, there are 8 texts with hundreds of useful lessons and 54 hours of premium recording by native speakers. You could either get the audio lessons in CDs or a USB Drive. The USB drive is re-usable so you could just wipe off the lessons and use the flash for something else afterward. There's also a downloadable version of the text and the audio, so you could learn Spanish completely on your mobile device. So, the points for convenience definitely go to Platiquemos.

Platiquemos contains speeches from native speakers of Spanish belonging to over 17 countries. They're from countries such as Mexico, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Cube and Spain. Therefore, you'll be learning a well-rounded version of Spanish. The best part is that you can even learn an accent. Most guides teaching Spanish don't have this. But, with Platiquemos, you'll be able to learn from 17 different accents of Spanish, and pick your own.

The reason why we ranked the Platiquemos' program as number one is that every learner says that they went from having no knowledge of Spanish to having complete mastery of it in just a few months. The time scale is just mind-blowing and just because of that, we reckon that Platiquemos deserves to sit at the top of the mountain.

Pimsleur and Platiquemos Bundle

Some people think that a good way to explain Platiquemos is like a link to a YouTube video your friend shared. When you click the link, YouTube does the feature where it copied the link at the second your friend was when he sent it to you. This way not only did you miss the first few minutes, you're now a bit lost and don't know what's happening. An extended metaphor, but this

is something that some people have thought about Platiquemos. That is why Platiquemos got a friend. Both of them have their strong suits and their weak suits. And, when combined, they fit like a puzzle. Platiquemos starts a bit further where someone knows a few basic Spanish words, but Pimsleur starts at the very beginning. Both of them combined makes one of the best duos to learn Spanish.

We did talk about Platiquemos, but let's recap everything once again. Platiquemos is a course with 8 levels of textual data as well as 54 hours of audio content. Platiquemos doesn't just teach you the language, it can teach you an accent as well. The level of grammar and punctuation featured in this course will make you bilingual in just a couple of months.

Now, let's get on with Pimsleur. The guide is named after its proprietor Paul Pimsleur. Pimsleur is a polygot and simplified this book to a point where the course literally becomes a teacher. There are 48 CDs in Pimsleur course which will put you at square one. Pimsleur assumed that everyone reading the book are totally new to Spanish and don't even know words like "Hola" or "Amigo". This course is perfect for someone to start at the very beginning.

Linguaphone Spanish PDQ Acquisition Course Book and CDs

Linguaphone understands that some people lose interest because they have to set apart a specific time to study some book. And, they begin to question the folks that said learning a new language is fun. However, with Linguaphone, that is not a problem.

This is quite the perfect course for folks that don't have the time to learn a language. You can just listen to it on the go thus it's amazing for people that travel a lot. Just copy it to your phone or throw the CD into the MP3 player of your car and you're good to go. There's absolutely no need to stay glued to your desk or a book to learn a language. There's a hands-free and more efficient way of doing the exact same thing.

There is a book in this course as well. But, you will be learning the language entirely on the audio files. Once you've learned the basics and some advanced stuff about the language you're ready to move on to the book. Yes, we know what you're thinking. We said that you don't need to be glued to a book, and you don't. If you want to communicate in Spanish on a basic level, the audio files are just enough. But, if you want to get down deep into the intricate details of the language, then you're going to need something that doesn’t spoon-feed you the information while you're mindlessly thinking about other things. We want to say that you don't need the book, but it's crucial if you want Spanish mentioned on your resume.



Before we get into their methods, we'd like to talk a little about Duolingo. They're the most notorious online teacher on the whole internet and the most popular too. Just a hundred duolingo employees are currently managing over 200 million registered users. It was released seven years ago in 2011, but since has become one of the best ways to learn any language and not just Spanish. The visionary for Duolingo, Luis Von Ahn was born in Guatemala and he recalls that he used to think how difficult and expensive it was to learn English in his community. That is why he created a free way to learn a language and in his opinion, he has changed the world.

Duolingo takes the boring scenario of learning a language and converts it into a fun challenge with something called education gamification. The site mimics the structure of video games to make Spanish seem like a fun challenge. Each player is assigned an avatar and they get rewarded through in-game currency. With that money, you can purchase customizations for your character which will be visible to other students/gamers. There are public leaderboards that really make Duolingo a competitive platform. Players/students can ever compete against one another to find out who has the better mastery of a language.

There's Duolingo for school too. There are currently over 200,000 teachers using the platform to teach Spanish to their class and that just goes to show how good the app actually is. Duolingo was named the most downloaded app in the Education section of the Google Play and it was also awarded the iPhone App of the Year in 2013. This was the first time ever Apple gave this accolade to an educational app.

The best part is that you don't need to learn English to learn a different language on Duolingo. You could be speaking Spanish and still be able to learn Punjabi. That's the beauty of this website. They're the best of their kind just because of this feature. There are hundreds of languages already added and they’re adding more and more each day. You can use this app anywhere. On your laptop, iOS device, Android and even Windows Phone. The Cloud backup ensures that you don't lose your progress even if you change your device. Just like any game on the internet…

Assimil Spanish with Ease Course

This is an upgraded version of the previous Spanish with Ease Course that really gained a huge fan following. Well, this time, the course is even more thorough. There are a book and 4 CDs for the audio.

A great problem with learning a language is you don't know how to start. You're pretty lost at first. This book makes sure you're in total control and that's what sets it apart from its competition. This book doesn’t just contain a guide for Spanish, it also contains tips and tricks,

or hacks if you want the technical term, that can make learning Spanish feel like a breeze. Overall, this is a pretty solid book and a great choice if you don't think that the ones above are working for you. But, be aware, this book does cost a bit. It's the most expensive course on this list, but the quality just justifies the price.


5 Easy Ways to Learn Spanish (Summary)

This post has been talking about five of the easiest ways to learn Spanish. We're going to give a helping hand to everyone that is struggling to learn Spanish in high-school and provide a so much more convenient way to do the same.