5 Tips for Traveling to Barcelona Spain

Hey, bout to spit some knowledge on my travels to barcelona spain.

1! Bring Cool Nice Clothes, there are a lot of clubs and nice restaurants and romantic encounters many beautiful people   clothes can be a representation of spirit and self and may help you in your travels.

2! Get Ready to eat! It is a foodies paradise with amazing restaurants, great restaurant owners and chefs, and cheaply priced high quality food. Alot of places will charm you with free san miguel beer or 50 cent beer specials as long as you keep on buying tapas which range from 1$ a plate to up to around 6$ a plate.

3! Definitely check out the beach and board walk a experience up and close with the Balearic Sea.

4! Classical Spanish Guitar Is something I think every one should see live at least once in their life. If your ever in in spain and get the chance to its super cool. The one I went to was in a old cathedral because of the acoustics and the vibe it was really magical. It was a great price plus there was free wine!

5! The Hostels in Barcelona and, in all of Spain, are fantastic compared to every where else in the world I have traveled they are always really chill, and easy to meet cool people, and passionate travelers. Itaca Hostel is really mellow! The Apartments are also a great deal and gives you great insight into the culture, and the architecture is beautiful, try to get one with roof top access! Its also helpful to have a kitchen because the famous Market there is plentiful with excotic fruits and goodies from all around europe, the market also has some good restaurants with intriguing menus on the outer edge of the market.


Thanks for reading!! and have fun in Barcelona