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American-Australian Slang Dictionary - "I collected this lexicon to preserve some of the creative, interesting, or less-well-known words and phrases I encountered in North America. I made the lexicon public because I thought it might amuse others as much as it amused me to compile it. It is intended for fluent speakers of Australian slang, although the frequency of e-mail from American addresses suggests it is diverting for Americans too."
AmeriSpeak - User-generated compilation of the words and sayings of one's ancestors, grouped into categories.
Bay Area Hip Hop Dictionary - Hip hop dialect from San Francisco.
BuzzWhack - Dictionary of business buzzwords and slang.
Commonly-Used American Slang - Short listing of American slang expressions.
Historical Dictionary of American Slang - Contains over 2200 slang words with the centuries in which they were first printed.
Native American Slang - "In my drive to document Indian pop culture and create more authentic stories, I searched for a source of Indian slang. Since I didn't find one, I asked people for their suggestions. Here's what they said."
The Online Slang Dictionary - Though Webster publishes a slang dictionary, it could potentially take years for a new word or phrase to enter its pages. Now, with the power of the Internet, it can be in a dictionary in a matter of hours; this page depends entirely on your contributions. This is designed to be a global dictionary: English slang from other countries is more than welcome. - User-submitted slang and expressions.
The Rap Dictionary - The Rap Dictionary is the oldest and ultimate resource for looking up hip-hop slang. - A dictionary of slang, webspeak, made up words, and colloquialisms.
Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Glossary of Hardboiled Slang - Dictionary of 1940's slang of the streets, especially as used in detective fiction and film-noir.
Urban Dictionary - Urban Dictionary is a slang dictionary with your definitions. Define your world.
Vox Dictionary of American Slang - This is a dictionary of contemporary slang compiled in Oakland, California since 1994. Most of this slang is used by the Hip-Hop generation all over the world.