Best English Slang Videos 2019

Learning slang and idioms is paramount to speaking real English, plus nobody knows all the new slang which is why we collected for you many cool videos from 2019 including some by Slangman himself!

Ready to rock n roll, lets bounce to da videos!

How to Understand American Slang/Idioms Used on TV "MODERN FAMILY"

American Slang/Idioms Used on TV  ("MODERN FAMILY"-Part3)


TALK ABOUT..." : When to use it to indicate surprise

The last three videos are all by David Burke you can purchase his books

in English, French, and Spanish!

And now for a couple of crazy as a fox videos featuring idioms from all over the country! First from the Big Apple......


And now for Bay Area Slang! Just don't say Frisco people in San Francisco do not say that!