What are the best ways to learn Spanish? While courses such as Platiquemos do help, most people who become fluent speakers of Spanish study abroad as well, with Argentina being a great place to learn. You will find many schools listed below, if you have questions feel free to call 800 609 6211 or fill out our handy request form.  

Ailola Buenos Aires Language School

Have you heard of us? We're the language school in Buenos Aires that offers you warm, experienced staff, a passion for education, and a classroom location in the pristine urban palace, Palacio Barolo. Tempted yet? Our Spanish school in Buenos Aires is your portal to one of South America's most dynamic and cosmopolitan societies. Argentina – with its rich migrant history and stunning natural beauty – is contagiously welcoming of those visitors who know something great when they see it. In fact, at Ailola Buenos Aires we believe strongly that our  language courses in Argentina are hard to beat. By choosing to learn Spanish in Argentina, you'll be stepping into the world of seductive Tango, majestic gauchos and the unparalleled local passion for football, set to the backdrop of a bustling metropolis of over 13 million people,  Buenos Aires. But aside from welcoming you to our magnificent city, our team goes beyond the textbooks to take you to the heart of the Spanish language, offering a broad range of Spanish courses with a unique Argentine touch. At the conclusion of your Spanish course in Buenos Aires  we're certain you'll be wondering why you didn't consider studying Spanish in Argentina sooner! So, ¿dónde estás?




Centro Internacional de Estudios
Located in Gualeguaychu (Entre Rios, Argentina), the Centro Internacional de Estudios was created in Buenos Aires in early 1998 with one main objective: to provide our students a superior educational level, within a multicultural environment, where they can seize the experiences of people from all around the world. In order to achieve this goal, our first priority was to implement an exhaustive process of teacher recruitment, looking for candidates possessing both academic excellence and broad experience dealing with people from different cultures. We offer group courses, conversation programs, individual lessons, and tailor-made programs.
Location: Gualeguaychu
Email: info@ceines.com

Coined Argentina
Our Spanish school in Argentina provides Spanish courses along with other experiential programs that fully immerse our students in the Argentine culture and way of living. COINED has a network of Spanish schools in Argentina with innovative teaching methods that have made of its Spanish courses the favourite of students around the world. You can choose to split your Spanish course in five different cities and enjoy the cosmopolitan Buenos Aires, have fun with the university life of Cordoba, climb to the top of the Andes in Mendoza, explore the wonders of Patagonia in Bariloche, and even travel up to Ushuaia, the closest city to Antarctica.
Location: Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mendoza, Bariloche, Ushuaia
Email: info@intercoined.org

ENFOREX Spanish Schools in Spain & Latin America
Enforex was founded in 1989, and is one of the largest schools specialized in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. Enforex has 24 academic centres open all year long, located in the most important and emblematic cities of Spain - Alicante, Almunecar, Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, Salamanca, and Granada - and Latin America - Cordoba (Argentina), Cuzco (Peru), Flamingo Beach(Costa Rica), Sucre (Bolivia), and Quito (Ecuador).
Location: Buenos Aires, Cordoba
Email: info@enforex.es

Languages Abroad
We are a leading international language-travel organization with thousands of students traveling with us each year, of all ages, to study a language in over 50 countries and in 30 different languages. We are a team of enthusiastic linguists and professional study abroad advisors who are specialists in guiding each student to an appropriate language destination amidst the myriad of study abroad options out there - many of which are of questionable quality and we do not represent.
Location: Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Cordoba
Email: info@languagesabroad.com

Lingua Service Worldwide
Lingua Service Worldwide, Ltd., an independent foreign language program agency, represents private foreign language schools all over the world that specialize in offering "full immersion" language program opportunities. These foreign language study abroad programs have been developed with the purpose of teaching a new language within its own setting in a short period of time. Whether you are looking for an immersion language program to learn Spanish, French, Italian, we have the right foreign language program for you.
Location: Bariloche, Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Ushuaia
Email: itctravel@worldnet.att.net


Living Your Spanish
"Living Your Spanish" takes you to the exciting world of learning Spanish while enjoying yourself! Combining education with entertainment we have tailored five intensive courses for you: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, High Intermediate and Advanced. All of them expose the students to the language intensively while coached by native qualified teachers, either in grammatical-conversational lively classes or through non-academic activities. After the class, in the warm sunny afternoons you can enjoy a peaceful tea-time in the garden of an "estancia", with birds singing and the perfumed flora.
Location: San Antonio de Areco
Email: info@livingyourspanish.com

Spanish Schools ABC
When you study abroad with us in Argentina & Chile, we ensure your comfort by providing a variety of accommodations, from carefully selected host families and student residences to shared or private apartments, hotels/ hostels and more. The best Schools in Argentina (Bariloche,Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Mendoza) and Chile.
Location: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mendoza, Ushuaia
Email: info@spanish-schools.com.ar




Intercultural - Lenguas Extranjeras
Learn Spanish in high quality Spanish language courses, with small international study groups and a pleasant atmosphere in Mendoza City, Argentina. We have a variety of courses: Crash Courses specially suited to your needs, ideal for travellers passing through Mendoza; an Immersion Program to thoroughly experience the language and culture; and an Executive course for business Spanish.
Location: Mendoza City
Email: info@spanishcourses.com.ar

Intercultural Patagonia
We offer intensive Spanish language courses with the flexibility to study either through group settings (maximum 5 students per class) or the more personalized one-to-one setting while fully immersed in culturally enriched and adventurous Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina. Our program also offers the invaluable experience of learning cultural diversity.
Location: Bariloche
Email: eua@iipp.com.ar

La Montaña Spanish School
At La Montaña Spanish School, you can learn Spanish in the heart of Patagonia, combining formal study with outdoor activities and plenty of interaction with the local people, including an optional stay with a Patagonian family and many fun activities. If you choose the comprehensive course or the emergency travelling course, which comprise of lessons in the morning, you will also have a chance to join your friends and other students in the afternoon activities. Afternoons will be spent practicing what you have learned in the mornings using real-life situations.
Location: Bariloche
Email: info@lamontana.com



Spanish in the Mountains
We offer dynamic lessons planned with stimulating input and cross-cultural contexts, that make learning interesting and relevant to today's world, with meaningful activities, role-playing, games and team work. Our staff has formal training and long experience in teaching languages not only in Argentina but also abroad. We follow the communicative approach to language and apply new techniques and theories such as Multiple Intelligence (Howard Gardner) or NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) on courses in Spanish. These courses combine systematic class work with cultural outings (museums, farms, and excursions or outdoor activities (rock climbing, rafting, hiking, kayaking) where students find the opportunity to use and practice all the language learned in class and to enjoy the wonders of Patagonia landscapes and lifestyle.
Location: Bariloche
Email: info@spanishinthemountains.com

Spanish School in Bariloche
I've been teaching Spanish to both travellers and residents in Bariloche for many years. My lessons are tailor-made to meet each student's needs. I offer individual or small-group lessons according to your preference, avoiding the problems of large group classes that students often experience in regular schools. My prices for these private and intensive courses are highly competitive when compared with the major spanish schools in Bariloche. Family stays, free volunteer programs, games, music, cultural and outdoors activities are available to complement this unique way of learning.
Location: Bariloche
Email: info@spanishinbariloche.com

Spanish Schools ABC
When you study abroad with us in Argentina & Chile, we ensure your comfort by providing a variety of accommodations, from carefully selected host families and student residences to shared or private apartments, hotels/ hostels and more. The best Schools in Argentina (Bariloche,Buenos Aires, Ushuaia, Mendoza) and Chile.
Location: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Mendoza, Ushuaia
Email: info@spanish-schools.com.ar


Buenos Aires

Academia Buenos Aires
We founded the Academia Buenos Aires in the belief that we have a special service to offer to our foreign students. None of us has found the kind of professional teaching, high-quality housing and rich social life that we offer anywhere else in Buenos Aires. The Institute uses a full-immersion, integrated learning method. This means that you will learn Spanish 24 hours a day, in professionally conducted classes, informally at home with your host family (if you choose this option) and during extra-curricular activities. Our approach is based on the idea that participating in a mix of different language situations is the most efficient way to learn a foreign language.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@academiabuenosaires.com

All Spanish Argentina Spanish Courses
Intensive four week program (20 hours/week). Three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, focusing on conversation and grammar. With flexible schedules; classes can start any Monday of year. Teaching is by University graduate professors; with material, evaluations, and certificate of assistance included. No enrollment fee is required, and Advanced level students can be aimed towards subjects of specific interest. Located in Palermo, a green area of Buenos Aires. All kinds of transport available.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@all-spanish.com.ar

American Training Co.
Our emphasis is on the communicative aspects of the language together with a grammatical syllabus for each level, and specific subjects such as management, finance, marketing, and others that may be of interest to students, professionals, business people and companies, can be included in the course design at no additional cost.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: contactenos@americantrainingco.com.ar

Antonio Martin Spanish School
Antonio Martin is committed to providing students with a Spanish education that prepares them for an increasingly diverse and interdependent Ibero-american world. It is imperative that all students acquire the ability to understand both global and local events from multiple perspectives. Active participation in the language classroom provides students the opportunity to discuss and reflect on cultural information. This linguistic ability and cultural knowledge will benefit students both in everyday interactions with their communities as well as in their chosen careers. The Spanish Language Program at our school in Argentina has designed courses to develop all four language skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: infoch@spanish.ch



The courses we offer include private instruction, group instruction, a combination of private and group instruction, and our ever-popular immersion course. Cultural courses and diverse activities allow you to develop your language skills while learning more about the local culture. With schools in Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica and Spain.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: studyabroad@bridgelinguatec.com


Buenos Aires Spanish
These Spanish language courses offer a unique combination of language studies and social and cultural activities to provide the student with an excellent opportunity to learn about the country, its history and the people. They include accommodation, pre-arranged social and cultural activities, materials and airport transfers. This is a unique immersion programme. Why? Because the student is also the teacher's guest, and is meant to share her daily and social life, ensuring you a quick progress, no matter which your starting level is. The teacher will also be your tourist guide, and will take you on excursions and organise parties with friends, providing a lot of opportunities to practise what you are learning but also enjoy your independence as you wish, since you will live in a nearby apartment.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@buenosairesspanish.com.ar

We offer spanish immersion courses in Quilmes, greater Buenos Aires, with family accommodations, or you can stay at a local hotel. We have group courses in January, February, July and August, with individual classes all year round. As we are a small school, we can cater to specific needs.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@celc.com.ar

Centro Alpha
Alpha centro de comunicación y cultura is a Spanish center, dedicated to the study and teaching of Spanish, in the context of the Argentine and Latin American culture. We provide Spanish courses; Teacher training in Spanish; linguistic services (translations, proof-reading, editing) with courses in writing for companies and individuals; and assessment for educational projects related to language teaching. Our professionals combine experience in public institutions with a solid academic background in language teaching and applied linguistics. They are all university graduates, and keep up-to-date with the latest advances in their field.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: informes@centroalpha.com.ar


Daniela Wasser Spanish Language Training
Our courses have no more than 5 students each to ensure quick learning and active participation from all students. You can choose the Spanish course that best suits you from the wide range of training courses offered. Our school is open 18 hours a day and allows its students to use the Internet without restrictions. DWS will choose the best house for your stay in Buenos Aires based on your likes and preferences. All houses are located in residential neighbourhoods and only a short walk from the School.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@danielawasser.com.ar


Español al Sur
Español al Sur is a Spanish language institute which focuses not only on the language, but also on Argentinian culture. Our aim is that while learning the language, we also give students an insight into the life in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We developed a method that combines these two elements and prompts an involving exploration and discussion. It's a different way of learning Spanish, which meets the students' interests in the cultural background as well. We also offer a wide range of options in the field of the Tango and tourism.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@espanolalsur.com.ar

Estudio Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Students for all over the world find Argentina an exceptional location to learn Spanish. The combination of European and Latin culture, beautiful surroundings, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere make Argentina the perfect destination. Immediate communication in Spanish is the goal of the course. The method stresses the development of speaking skills and listening comprehension through controlled oral practice. Vocabulary is related to the areas of activity of daily life. Grammar explanations are simple and practical, allowing the student to make immediate use of them in speaking. Rules are used actively: through exposure and practice, the correct forms begin to sound right to the student's ear.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@ebatrust.com.ar

Expanish Language School
Expanish offers individual and group courses combined with local accommodation and cultural activities to ensure a true Spanish immersion in Buenos Aires. Our Spanish language school in Buenos Aires is located in the city center, just half a block from the famous Avenida de Julio, the widest street in the world, the Obelisk, a Buenos Aires city monument, Avenida Florida, one of the best shopping streets in the city, Casa Rosada and the Congreso, two famous government buildings, Avenida Corrientes, the ‘broadway’ of Buenos Aires, and much more. The city centre, or business centre, is home to some of the oldest historical sites in the city, some of the most famous government buildings in Argentina, and is the work place for millions of Argentines from Buenos Aires and the province of Buenos Aires.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: web@expanish.com



IdeArgentina offers you the opportunity to combine Spanish learning with social, tourist and cultural activities in order to give you an unforgettable experience. Our students receive complete workbooks for their course and can also use the library, multimedia and videos. While following a given timetable, the teachers analyse their personal needs and adapt their teaching accordingly. They also receive the guidance of a tutor professor who helps them to resolve their problems. At IdeA we train you to use language - not just perform in the classroom. Our specially formulated courses concentrate on giving you the confidence to deal with Spanish speakers in any situation.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: ideargentina@comunicacion.net.ar


Mundo Español
At Mundo Español, our aim is to help develop the world's cross-cultural communication by offering our excellent Spanish Courses and preparing our students to be able to interact in this present world. We offer a wide variety of programs as well as internship programs, university programs, tango lessons and tourism all around Argentina. We have the support of governmental offices and of prestigious universities.
Location: Buenos Aires, Cordoba
Email: info@mundo-espanol.com


Practique español
For the intermediate to advanced student of Spanish, this school will enable you to deepend your grasp and command. Each set of exercises or practical class, focuses on a topic. It includes four (4) modules containing: grammar, vocabulary, function and reading comprehesion. These are intensive courses with practice in real-life situations, specially designed material, with cultural offerings and guidance suited to your interests.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@practique-espanol.com


Rayuela Spanish Institute
We offer a careful evaluation of each student's starting level and needs, with highly qualified and experienced teachers of Spanish teaching programmes based on the syllabuses established by the University of Buenos Aires. We use a natural and communicative approach to teaching, with selection of the best available teaching materials and the design and production of our own materials for each level and type of course, and tailoring of activities to the characteristics, needs and preferences of each particular student or group of students.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@spanish-argentina.com.ar



We offer language programs all around the world. Join a full immersion program in one of our schools in Spain, Argentina, Chile, Guatemala, Isla Margarita (Venezuela) or Ecuador. Course, accommodation and activities (trips, flamenco, salsa, tango, cooking). Our program is divided into seven levels of study. The first four are concentrated on grammar, vocabulary, practical situations, and conversation. The fifth and sixth level, advanced and superior, are focused mainly on conversation and advanced reading and writing topics while the seventh includes Electives courses (Spanish composition, Literature, Advanced Oral and listening Skills, Culture).
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info@studyglobal.com

TRADFAX International
Located in Buenos Aires, we offer crash, intensive and regular courses, and also tailored made programs in business and commercial Spanish and tango. Group and private guided visits are always offered by our own teachers.
Location: Buenos Aires
Email: info_arg@tradfax.com




Our programs are designed so that the student develops a communicative competence and knowledge of the language out of specially selected linguistic and cultural material and by constant interaction with the Cordobian society as a whole. For the immersion program, if you want to learn about a specific subject or field, whether professional, commercial, cultural or sport related, our school will provide the links with institutions or specialists. Information about leisure and cultural activities in the city and how to get to them is offered daily, we also have information alternative sports such as gliding, mountain bike, rappel, climbing and windsurf.
Location: Cordoba
Email: info@celecargentina.com





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