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The Alternative English Dictionary - Slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world. The Alternative dictionaries are a collection of various forms of "bad language" from many languages. At the moment, there are 2743 entries in 162 dictionaries. This is a collaborative project with contributions from a lot of people. The pages are developed and edited by Hans-Christian Holm.
The Dictionary of Informal, Slang and Idiomatic Phrases in Spoken English - The dictionary is a real source for all the students that are indulged in the English language, esp. the spoken English, the slang and colloquial nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, interjections, and you name it all…all that are of the both British and the American people.
Essential World English Slang - "If you want to want your English to sound "cool" and "with it", or if you want to understand the street English spoken around the world, then this list is for you! On this page you will find what might be considered the most essential slang. Therefore we recommend any advanced learner of English try and learn at least some of these words."
Internet Slang Dictionary & Translator - Translates internet slang and acronyms for the uninformed.
The Septic's Companion: A Dictionary of British Slang - "An A-to-Zed dictionary of British Slang words and phrases, written by a Scotsman living in America. You may know it better by the title it had for the previous ten years, The English-to-American Dictionary. The dictionary is all free; the book contains yet more riveting British stuff."