Finnish Online Language Dictionaries

  Finnish, Finnish-English, and Other Dictionaries

Finnish Morphological Analysis Engine - Morphological analysis of Finnish terms.
Online Finnish Verb Conjugator - Gives verb conjugations of Finnish words.
English-Finnish Online Dictionary - Online bilingual Finnish-English dictionary; when searching for compounds beginning or ending with a certain word, or if you are unsure of how a word is spelt, you can use '*' as a wildcard.
Freedict Finnish-English and English-Finnish Dictionary - Simple word translations without additional information. Finnish Dictionaries - A collection of free Finnish bilingual dictionaries for Finnish and many languages. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.
Finnish-Russian Dictionaries - Finnish-Russian Large Universal dictionary, Finnish-Russian Large Polytech dictionary, and Finnish-Russian Computer dictionary, with English and Russian interfaces.
LEXIN Swedish-Finnish Dictionary - Online bilingual Finnish-Swedish dictionary designed for the purposes of immigrant education.
FinnHun Finnish-Hungarian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus - Online trilingual Finnish-Hungarian-English dictionary, includes thesaurus and discussion forum. Non-standard characters can be inserted by clicking on their representation on the interface. Expandable through additions by the user.
Wikiled Finnish-Polish Dictionary - Multilingual dictionary with Finnish-Polish wordsets.
Vepsian-Carelian-Estonian-Finnish Dictionary - Small dataset.
Finnish-Swedish-English-Russian Mathematics Dictionary - Keyword search, also provides a view of all words in one page.
Finnish Mathematical Dictionaries - Listings of various mathematical translation materials in Finnish; the page is in English.
Lexitec Finnish Glossaries - Features English-Finnish and Finnish-English glossaries of computer terms, free dictionary of Business English, and other items.
Index of Finnish Special Dictionaries - Directory in Finnish.


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