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  French Magazines Online

Afrique Tribune
Diplomatic magazine for issues about the African continent. 
Agence France-Presse
Aggregation of a number of news sources in French, also in other languages. 
French magazine of finance and business. 
Air & Cosmos
Portal for writings on aviation and the aeronautics industry. 

L'Aquilon - L'Hebdomadaire du Grand Nord Canadien
Weekly magazine of northern Canada. 
Avant Premiere 
French Swiss monthly movie magazine. 

Le Bulletin Régional Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean
A news magazine from Quebec. 

Le Canard enchaÎné
French magazine of satire and humor. 

Le Carnet Interdit
Poets and writers online. 

Magazine of cinema, in French Belgian 

Courrier International
Magazine of culture and politics online. 
Culture Europe
French and international magazine of culture. 
Internet news magazine from Montreal. 
Les Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace 
Strasbourg daily news journal from France. 
Le Devoir
Newspaper from Montreal online. 
Direction Informatique
Quebec computer/technology/business online journal. 
Le Droit
News magazine from Ottawa. 
Les Echos
Parisian news magazine devoted to financial and business matters from all sectors of the economy. 

French fashion magazine for young women. 

French cultural and political journal. 
French magazine on matters Asian. 

French Swiss magazine of women's fashions, beauty, health, and style. 
Le Figaro
The famous French newspaper, online. 
France 2
Internet site of the French television station France 2. 
France 3
Internet site of the French television station France 3. 
Weekly magazine in French from the U.S. affiliate of Le Figaro. 
France USA Contacts (FUSAC)
Free magazine containing classified ads and advertisements for the English-speaking community (Americans, British, Canadians, Irish, Australians, New Zealanders, etc.) of Paris and the surrounding area. 
French magazine devoted for the gay and lesbian community. 
Les Humains Associés
A collection of cultural and scientific news; includes the Journal Virtuel and the yearly Revue Intemporelle. 

Belgian literary journal dedicated to novels. 
Les Inrocks
French magazine of rock and pop music. 
Literary review. 

Jeune Afrique
French magazine of African news and issues. 
Journal du Jura
French daily newspaper from Switzerland. 
Literary news, poetry, experimental writing, philosophical or humorous articles. 
Left-leaning daily news magazine founded by Jean-Paul Sartre, online. 
French literary magazine covering both French and foreign literature. 
   Le Livre Français
Links to many reviews of French literature. 
Le Magazine Littéraire
French literary review online. 
French news magazine. 
French women's magazine of beauty, fashion, health, and culture. 
Maroc Hebdo
French web magazine from Morocco. 
Le Matricule Des Anges
Literary news and reviews of French literature. 
Médecine & Hygiène 
Swiss news magazine of medicine and health. 
Online journal devoted to new forms of writing generated by the electronic media. 
Le Monde
Online version of the famous French newspaper. 
Le Monde Diplomatique
French political journal with a focus on diplomacy. 
Moto Magazine
Motorcycle racing magazine. 
Le Nouvel Observateur
A weekly French newsmagazine. from Paris that covers political, business and economic news. 
Le Nouvelliste Online
News and sports from Valais, Switzerland. 

La Page Blanche
French online poetry magazine, with archive of past issues. 
French weekly tabloid with a focus on celebrity news, also covers major national and international news. 
High school and college student magazine, with information about schools, degrees, internships, etc. 
Photo magazine from France. 
Le Point
French weekly news magazine. 

Tunisian news magazine, in French. 

Canadian Broacasting Company site with news and articles. 
La Recherche
Leading science magazine from France. 
A monthly French newsmagazine. 
la République des Lettres
Monthly cultural news magazine, online. 
Le Réseau des Sports
Canadian French sports magazine, online. 

Revue Chimeres
Post-modern literary review set up by Bataille and others. 
Revue du Liban
French weekly news magazine from Libya. 
La Revue du Spectacle
Online magazined devoted to French theater, humor and song. 
French Canadian humor magazine. 
Sante Magazine
French magazine of cuisine, nutrition, beauty, culture. 
Le Soir
Belgian French news magazine. 
Le Soleil
Quebec newspaper online. 
News from the southwest of France. 
Sympatico Nouvelles
Canadian and world news. 
Tahiti Pacifique
A monthly magazine in French from Polynesia. 
Online magazine with reviews of French television, film, music, and the arts. 
TF1 Online
News magazine from the TF1 television company. 
Tribune Juive
Weekly magazine of the French Jewish community.!
French Canadian online magazine with editions from six different locations. 
La Voix du Nord
French magazine for Northern France, online. 
French review on Central America and the Caribbeans. 
French weekly web magazine of news and information. 
Vues en Coupe
Poetry and creative writing online. 

Portal site for matters pertaining to writing, publishing, etc. in France. 

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