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Greece has been famous for music for thousands of years so it makes sense that Greek radio stations are full of fantastic music, informative news, and if your want to delve further, browse our Greek Magazine section or our Greek lessons

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Classic Greek Music Video Playlist

Top greek Stations

Ellinikos FM 90.3 Thessaloniki Greek Pop
ERT Trito Trito News | Music
Thessaloniki Free Radio Thessaloniki Public Radio


We also have Cyprus radio stations.


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Greek Music and News stations:

1055 Rock Internet Rock
Athens News | Culture | Alternative Music
A 66 FM Athens Top 40
Athens News/Music
Trikala Top 40
Angel FM 88.9 Athens Variety
Athens News | Talk
Athens 98.4 FM Athens Loal News | Music
Athens 104.4 FM Athens News | Music
Athens AC
Christianity 93.9 FM Athens Religious
Church of Piraeus 91.2 FM Athens Religious
Thessaloniki AC
Derti 98.6 FM Athens Greek Music
Deytero Regional Programming
Diesi 101.3 FM Athens Greek Music
Ellinikos FM 90.3 Thessaloniki Greek Pop
Epikinonia FM 94.0 Athens Variety
ERA 1 NET Athens News | Talk
ERA 2 Athens Music | Features
ERA 3 Athens Classical Music | Culture
ERA Heraklion Heraklion Regional Programming
ERA Kosomos Kosomos Regional Programming
ERA Patras Patra Regional Programming
ERA South Aegean South Aegean area Talk
ERA Sport Athens Sports
ERA Voice of Greece Athens News | Information
ERA Volos Volos Greek Music
Eroticos 94.8 FM Thessaloniki AC | Romance
Erotokritos 87.9 Athens Greek Music
ERT Trito Trito News | Music
ET3 95.8 FM Athens News | Music
ET3 102 FM Athens News | Music
ET3 102 FM Athens Classical
Extra Sport Radio Thessaloniki Sports | Greek and International Music
Flash 96.0 FM Athens News | AC
Fly Radio Peloponnesus News | Talk | Pop
Galaxy FM Athens International Rock | Pop
Ghost Radio Internet Jazz | Variety
Ileias Pop
Heart FM Athens AC
Heat Radio 88.3 FM Thrace Top 40
HXOS 94.2 FM Crete Greek Music
Ianos Radio Internet Variety
Imagine FM Thessaloniki Rock | Alternative
Ionian FM Patra European Pop
Iraklio Traditional Greek Music
John Greek FM Athens Variety
Kastoria 91.5 FM Epirus Greek Music
Kiss 92.9 FM Athens Dance
Kiss 96.1 FM Heraklion Variety
Thrace Dance
KLIK FM Athens News | Greek Pop
Knossos FM Crete World Music
Kosmos 93.6 FM Athens Greek Music
Kosmos 100 FM Sterea Ellada Pop
Kriti 87.5 FM Athinai Greek Music
Internet Greek Music
Chania News | Talk | Rock
Kritikorama 93.8 FM Chania Greek Music
Kritikos FM 88.7 Internet Greek Music
Libero 107.4 FM Thessaloniki Sports | Greek Music
Life Radio 102.9 FM Kerkyra Dance
Lihnari 91.7 FM Dodecanese Greek Music
Love Radio 97.5 FM Athens AC
Max FM 100.2 FM Crete Greek Music
Melodia FM Athens Traditional Greek Music
Melody FM 98.7 Heraklion Greek Music
Metro FM Sterea Ellada Greek Music
Metropolis Radio 95.5 FM Thessaloniki News
Patras Dance
Crete Greek Music
Music Heaven Internet Rock
Dodecanese Pop | Techno
Mythos Internet Greek Music
Athens Rock
Noize Radio Macedonia Pop
N.R.G. 95 Sterea Ellada Pop
Athens Greek Music
Thessaloniki Pop
Athens Greek Music
Palmos FM Thessaloniki Greek Music
Paradise 90.3 FM Thrace AC
Peiratikos FM Thessaloniki Greek Music
Phase Radio 87.7 FM Lamia Variety
Metsovo Greek Music
Pirate FM Chios Top 40
Pop FM 102.1 Corfu Pop
Power FM Volos Top 40
Cyclades Top 40
RadioActive Sifnos Islands | Greece Various
Radio 1 88 FM Rhodes Oldies
Radio 984 FM Crete Greek Music
Radio Akrites 102.3 FM Akrites Greek Music
Radio Alithia Chios Greek Music
Athens Greek Music
Radio Argostoli 100.6 FM Athens AC
Radio Astro 96.4 FM Crete Greek Music
Radio Blackman Athens Greek Music
Radio Energy 96.6 FM Kavala Dance
Lesxi Greek Music
Radio Gold 103.3 FM Athens Oldies
Internet Classic Rock
Radio Kyparissia Kyparissia Greek Music
Radio Live 89.6 FM Internet AC
Radio Makedonisa 106.4 FM Internet Greek Music
Kalampaka Greek Music
Radio Point Internet Alternative
Radio Preveza 91.3 FM Preveza News | Music
Radio Rizites Crete Folk | Greek Music
Radio Thalassa Internet Greek Music
Thessaloniki Greek Music
Radio Velika Thessaly Greek Music
Radio Veronica 97.8 FM Athens Greek Music
Radioactive 91.3 FM Sifnos Variety
Thessaloniki Greek Music
Real FM Athens News | Talk | Music
Rock Radio Thessaloniki Rock
Rythmos 94.9 FM Crete Greek Music
Thrace Greek Music
Safari FM 107.1 FM Thessaloniki Dance
Thessaloniki Greek Music
Sfera 102.2 FM Sfera Top 40
Sferikos FM Thrace Top 40
Thessaloniki Greek Music
Sky Radio Ioannina FM Epirus Greek Music
Sok FM 104.8 FM Evia Greek Music
Star 88.8 FM Corfu Top 40
Star 97.1 FM Thessaloniki International Pop
Thessaloniki Greek Music
Studio Lefkatas Athens News
Katerini Greek Music
SuperSport FM Internet Oldies
Synora FM Kilkis News | Talk | Greek Music
Piraeus Dance
Thessaloniki Free Radio Thessaloniki Public Radio
Top FM Aegean Islands Sports | Greek Music
Top Melody FM Santorini Greek Music
Traffic FM 91.8 FM Crete Dance
U.O.C Radio 96.7 FM Heraklion Variety
Venus Radio 99.3 FM Mykonos Dance
Zoo Radio Thessaloniki Top 40