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  Hungarian, Hungarian-English, and Other Dictionaries

MTA SZTAKI Hungarian-English Dictionary - Online bilingual Hungarian-English dictionary with a sophisticated set of options, plus audio pronunciations in both Hungarian and English rendered in Vocoder style. The translation direction is shown by the arrow image; click on it to switch the direction. Interface built by the Department of Distributed Systems of MTA SZTAKI.
MTA SZTAKI Multilingual Hungarian Dictionaries - Online bilingual dictionaries with a sophisticated set of options for Hungarian-English(185.000 entries), 41.000 entries), (10.000 entries), Hungarian-Dutch (145.000 entries), Hungarian-Italian (8.000 entries), and Hungarian-Polish (8.000 entries). The translation direction is shown by the arrow image; click on it to switch the direction.
Webforditas - Dictionary and translation tools for Hungarian into many languages. Hungarian Dictionaries - Online bilingual dictionaries for Hungarian to and from English, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and Swedish. Interface in Hungarian.
LingvoSoft Hungarian-English Online Dictionary - Bilingual Hungarian-English dictionary; site also includes a multilingual dictionary with 25 languages.
Freedict Hungarian-English and English-Hungarian Dictionary - Simple word translations without additional information.
Ectaco Online Hungarian-English Dictionary - Hungarian-English bilingual dictionary; site also includes 21 other languages. Hungarian Dictionary - A free bilingual dictionary for Hungarian and other languages. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files. Hungarian-English-Romanian Dictionary - Online dictionary with bilingual combinations for English, Hungarian, and Romanian.
FinnHun Finnish-Hungarian-English Dictionary and Thesaurus - Online trilingual Finnish-Hungarian-English dictionary, includes thesaurus and discussion forum. Non-standard characters can be inserted by clicking on their representation on the interface. Expandable through additions by the user.
Jarmuszotar Automotive Dictionary - Hungarian-English dictionary of automotive terms, with over 24,000 terms.
Electronics Glossary - An electronic library of documents and computerized information resources using the most common English words and abbreviations and their definitions in Hungarian.
Internet Glossary - HTML glossary of English internet terms with their Hungarian explanations.