Indonesian Online Language Dictionaries

  Indonesian, Indonesian-English Dictionaries, and Other Languages

Kamus UGM Indonesian-English-Dutch Dictionary - Online searchable bilingual dictionaries for Indonesian-English and Indonesian-Dutch.
Kamus Orisinil - Searchable online bilingual Indonesian-English dictionary with over 250,000 entries.
Indodic - Indonesian-English dictionary with pop-up input.
Eudict Indonesian-English Dictionary - Searchable online bilingual Indonesian-English dictionary.
Freedict Indonesian-English and English-Indonesian Dictionary - Simple word translations without additional information.
Seasite Indonesian-English Interactive Dictionary - Java-based online Indonesian dictionary with English definitions, usage, notes.
Seasite English-Indonesian Dictionary - Java-based online English dictionary with Indonesian definitions, usage, notes.
Kamus Jot Wörterbuch Indonesisch-Deutsch - Online bilingual Indonesian-German dictionary.
Diccionario Indonesio-Español - Online bilingual Indonesian-Spanish dictionary; lexicon contains around 11,000 words.