Interesting Videos for Learning Spanish

Can you learn Spanish in your sleep? This video thinks you can, check it out and let us know.

Learn Spanish While You Sleep 😀 Most Important Spanish Phrases and Words

 Next up is a slang video with Castilian Spanish as spoken in Spain. just in case you want to know the lingo next time you bounce to Barcelona.

I Teach You Spanish Slang You Need To Know

 And whats more interesting than completely learning a few very important verbs including 'to be', even Shakespeare knew how important it was 'to be' or 'not to be'.

Learn Spanish Verbs: Present, past, and future of SER, ESTAR, TENER, IR


Platiquemos is the most comprehensive way to learn Spanish.


 One way to learn is by watching shows in Spanish, however at the start the language is to fast to follow, which is why a show designed for language learners and paced at a learners speed, is a great idea. Buena Gente does just that and works well for schools, individuals or home-school students, it even offers print outs.

Learn Spanish Video Series Buena Gente S1 E1