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Online magazine of electronics, telecommunications, and information sciences. 
Online newspaper from Alghero. 
Alto Adige
News magazine for the Trentino-Alto Adige area. 
Site which aggregates articles from 36 Italian dailies. 

Catholic magazine 
Aosta oggi
Newspaper from the Valle d'Aosta. 
La Buona Stella
Astrology in Italian. 
Caffe Europa
Online literary magazine. 
Il Centro
Online news magazine from Pescara. 
Italian online magazine dedicated to film and film reviews. 
Corriere della Sera
Daily newspaper from Milan. 
Corriere della Sera - International
English international edition of the Italian daily newspaper from Milan. 
Della Moda
Italian online fashion magazine. 
Il Diavolo!
Swiss Italian humor magazine. 
Dimensioni Nuove
Catholic ezine for the youth of today. 

La Discussione
Political journal of the Italian Christian Democratic party. 
Donna Moderna
Online women's magazine for the new woman. 
Donna News
News magazine for Italian women. 
Italian online women's magazine. 
Online women's magazine from La Repubblica. 
Ebraismo e Dintorni
Magazine on Italian Judaism. 
Italian ecological and environmental online magazine. 
Index of Italian newspapers and magazines. 
Online magazine about geo-economic issues. 
European weather forecasts in Italian. 
Italian online magazine of home economics. 
Italian online humor magazine. 
Online magazine that aggregates stories on science from a number of sources, in both Italian and English. 
Italian cinema and television. 
The Florentine
Bi-weekly news magazine covering events and culture in Florence, archived online in PDF format. 
Italian science magazine Focus online. 
La Folla
Italiian magazine of politics and culture 
La Gazzetta dello Sport
Italy's premiere sports paper. 
Gazzetta del Sud
News and issues from Southern Italy. 
Gazzetta di Mantova
First daily paper for the city of Mantova and province, founded in 1664. 
Gazzetta di Modena
Daily from Modena. 
Gazzetta di Reggio
Daily covering the areas of Reggio Emilia, Guastalla, Novellara, and Scandiano. 
Italian index of domestic and international newspapers. 
Giornale di Calabria
Daily from Calabria. 
GQ - Italy
Italian version of GQ. 
Griselda Online
Online Italian literary magazine from the University of Bologna. 

Weekly compendium of internatonal articles from various journals and appers, all in Italian. 
IPSE - Riviste Italiania
Search engine for Italian media, listed by content. 
Italia Libri
Magazine of Italian books and reviews. 

Libera i Libri
Online review of books 
Il Manifesto
Italian communist newspaper founded in 1969. 
   Il Mattino di Padova
Daily local newspaper from Padua that focuses mostly on the surrounding area. 
Max Magazine
Italian version of the men's magazine. 

Il Messaggero
Most popular daily newspaper in Rome and central Italy; from Rome. 

Italian online magazine for children. 
Review of books with the latest best sellers. 
Il Mosaico
Twice-monthly magazine on political and social problems. 
National Geographic Italia
The National Geographic in Italian. 
International magazine of yachting and sailing. 
La Nuova Ferrara
News from Ferrara. 
Feminist monthly magazine of politics and culture; with archived issues. 
La Nuova Sardegna
Sardinian daily newspaper. 
La Nuova Venezia
Daily from Venice. 

Web version of the Italian magazine. 
Articles and news concerning promotion of peace throughout the world. 
Il Piccolo
A daily from Trieste. 
Literary articles and reviews. 
Politica Online
Online magazine on Italian politics. 
Il Ponte
Political magazine from Lombardy. 
Punto Informatico
Italian online magazine with articles and reviews on the Internet, computers, and information technology, with user forum. 
News portal in Italian that aggregates a number of stories and sources. 
Rai Sport
Sports news magazine from the RAI media group. 
Rassegna Online
Italian magazine covering politics, labor, economics and social issues. 
La Repubblica
Italian left-wing daily newspaper founded in 1976 in Rome. 
La Repubblica - Arte
La Repubblica's supplement on the arts. 
La Repubblica - Salute
La Repubblica's magazine on health. 
An Italian media portal and search engine focusing on magazines and newspapers, grouped by category and locations. 
Lo Sciacallo Elettronico
Comics magazine in an Internet edition. 
Le Scienze Online
The Italian science magazine online. 
Scritti Inediti
Online journal of creative writing, poetry, and literature. 
Slow Food
Online magazine for the Slow Food movement, which aims to combat fast foods and preserve the cultural cuisine and the use of indigenous foods within regions. 
Monthly political magazine online. 
Lo Spettacolo
Television, film, music, and theater. 
La Stampa Web
Italian daily in its web edition. 
Italian weekly of culture, art, films, and comics. 
Taccuini Storici
History of food and cooking of the Etruscan era. 
Il Tirreno
Daily journal for Livorno, and also covering areas of Pisa, Lucca, Pistoia, Grosseto, Carrara Mass, and Prato. 
La Tribuna Di Treviso
Daily from Treviso. 
Italian daily. 
Verona Oggi
Daily news exclusively on line about the province of Verona. 
Portal for Italian cuisine with links to content in many culinary categories. 
Weekly magazine about problems of daily life. 
Italian online magazine covering war and conflicts throughout the world. 
Yahoo-powered Italian media search portal. 
Italian online magazine for homes and living with many areas of focus. 

Online magazines and journals fill this need in a useful manner, for they present modern prose with a more challenging vocabulary than that found in newspapers, presenting ideas and information with more depth and analysis, and using greater vocabulary and stylistic fluency.