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Welcome to your online Swedish magazine pages, featuring online magazines, journals and other electronic print formats from countries all over the world! 

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Aktuellt i Politiken
Swedish politics and news magazine, focused on matters within Sweden. 
Swedish magazine of social issues and culture. 
Allt om Trädgård
Swedish magazine on gardening. 
Amnesty Press
Amnesty International's news letter in Swedish. 
Magazine devoted to crime statistics. 
Swedish weekly magazine by the anarcho-syndicalist union SAC, Central Organisation of the Workers of Sweden. 
Swedish feminist arts and culture magazine. 

Swedish bridal magazine for wedding planning and wedding fashion. 

Computer Sweden
The Swedish version of Computerworld, with news about IT, telecommunications, and business. 
Dator Magazin
Online Swedish version of PC Magazine. 
Swedish edition of the young woman's magazine of beauty, fashion, entertainment, and health. 
Swedish anti-racist magazine from the non-profit Expo Foundation (Stiftelsen Expo). 
Swedish magazine focused on workers in the fashion industry. 
Folket i Bild/Kulturfront
Swedish magazine for reports, art, literature, debate and culture. 
Swedish teen magazine, featureing fashion and beauty, celebrities, health and exercise, jobs, schools, and more. 
Video game magazine in Swedish. 
Internet World
Swedish internet tech magazine on e-commerce, marketing, web strategy, tools, and more. 
Local news from Östersund in Swedish. 
Swedish version of the Macintosh publication. 
Swedish magazine devoted to gay and LGBT issues. 
Swedish genealogical magazine. 
Skona Hem
Swedish interior design magazine with regular features on home decor, gardens, design ideas, furniture, new products, and do-it-yourself projects. 
Swedish men's magazine similar to Maxim or FHM. 
Online magazine for the social work professional. 
Svensk Tidskrift
Swedish political magazine from the moderate side. 
Swedish magazine of open source technology. 
Teknikens Värld
Leading motor magazine in Sweden, with automotive news, reviews and test drives of passenger cars. 
Tidskrift för Rätt och Rättssäkerhet
Journal covering legal and judicial issues. 
Västerviks Tidning
Locals news from Västerviks. 
Vecko Revyn
Swedish magazine for young women with the latest in fashion, beauty, celebrities, and sex and relationships. 
Swedish magazine on homes, interior design, and home construction. 
Wheels Magazine
Automotive magazine published in Sweden. 


Online magazines and journals fill this need in a useful manner, for they present modern prose with a more challenging vocabulary than that found in newspapers, presenting ideas and information with more depth and analysis, and using greater vocabulary and stylistic fluency. If you have any questions or can't find what you need, please e-mail us