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Google Books: Spanish Literature in the Public Domain
A listing of public domain Spanish language literature, browsable online or downloadable in image PDF format, from the Google Book initiative. 
Pedro Antonio de Alarcon | Leopoldo Alas | Ramon Perez de Ayala | Azorin | Pio Baroja | Emilia Pardo Bazan | Gustavo Adolfo Becquer | Jose Cadalso | Miguel de Cervantes | Jose de Echegaray | Jose de Espronceda | Benito Jeronimo Feijoo | Benito Perez Galdos | Luis de Gongora | Ramon del Valle-Inclan | Mariano Jose de Larra | Antonio Machado | Leandro Fernandez de Moratín |Francisco de Quevedo | Duque de Rivas | Fernando de Rojas | Felix María de Samaniego | Miguel de Unamuno | Juan Melendez Valdes | Juan Valera | Garcilaso de la Vega | Jose Zorrilla 

Theatrical texts from the Spanish theater of the Golden Age, both in Spanish and in English translation. 
Golden Age Spanish Sonnets
110 Spanish sonnets in the original and with English translations. 
IntraText Digital Library: Catalogo por lengua Espanol
A huge collection of Spanish electronic texts, either originally in Spanish or in translation from another language. 
IntraText Digital Library: Literatura espanola
A huge collection of electronic texts from the literature of Spanish. 
Proyecto Cervantes
The Cervantes Project is composed of Cervantes International Bibliography Online (CIBO), a comprehensive bibliography of studies, editions, and translations of Cervantes's works; the Cervantes Digital Library (CDL), which contains several electronic editions of Cervantes's complete works, including flexible interfaces and search engines with multiple options for searching and displaying results; and the Cervantes Digital Archive of Images (CDAI), which aims to develop a digital archive of photographic images on Cervantes's times and works suitable for teaching and research purposes. 
Proyecto Ensayo Hispanico
Proyecto Ensayo Hispánico is a collaborative effort to disseminate Hispanic thought and essay. José Luis Gómez-Martínez, professor of Hispanic Essay at the University of Georgia, started the project in 1997. Since its creation, already over 80 scholars of Hispanic culture have participated in the preparation of the material of these pages. 
Textos Lemir
Spanish texts from the Medieval and Renaissance eras, in HTML, PDF, and facsimile editions. 
WESSWeb: Iberian Language and Literature Web
Western European Studies Section entry for Spanish Language and Literature.