Medical and Technical Dictionaries in Lots of Languages



Altibbi - The Arabic Medical Dictionry - Online Arabic medical dictionary and medical reference, with over 20,000 concise definitions of medical terms and terms used in the health sciences, with authoritative descriptions of medical conditions, medications, conventional medical and healing practices, anatomical terms, physiology terms, disease terms, drugs, tests and procedures, noted medical personalities, medical disorders and more. All Arabised and explained in Arabic, with a glossary matching each word with its synonym in English.
ACMLS Medical Dictionaries - Hosts a number of different Arabic medical dictionaries online; very extensive.
Unified Medical Dictionary from World Health Organization - Searchable bilingual Arabic-English medical dictionary database with access to a number of different specialized dictionaries.
Online Financial Glossary - Searchable, in Arabic-French-English.


The First English-Russian-Armenian On-Line Dictionary For Businessman - HTML online trilingual dictionary for Armenian-English-Russian legal and business terminology; requires Armenian fonts.
Armenian-English Medical Terms - Bidirectional glossary of medical terms
Armenian Medical Glossaries - For English-Armenian-and Russian-Armenian.



Dictionary.Fashion - English-Bulgarian dictionary of fashion and textile terms.


Diccionari Enciclopèdic de Medicina - Online Catalan dictionary of medicine; gives the meanings for medical terms in Catalan, English, and Spanish, with definitions and explanations in Catalan.


Esaurus English-Chinese Medical Dictionary - This online resource tool, intended for both professional and public use, is manually compiled with reference to an extensive collection of bilingual medical dictionaries and glossaries published by institutions and healthcare authorities in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Dr.Dict English-Chinese Medical Dictionary - With a total of 638,000 entries, with 420,000 unique entries including a English Chinese Medical Dictionary, English Chinese Biological Terms, and English Chinese Technological Terms.
Traditional Chinese Medical Glossary - Terms are listed in both English and Chinese phonetic alphabets for easier searching, and the explanations are written in English and Chinese.
English-Chinese Glossary of Legal Terms - Searchable by headwords and expressions, in both English and Chinese.


Czech-English Environmental Dictionary - With over 85,000 terms
Slovak Medical Terminology (in PDF) - Slovak-English translations of around 7500 medical terms


List and Glossary of medical terms: Danish - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.
Informationsordbogen - Provides definitions for over 3000 terms related to library science and information technology


Mijnwoordenboek - Dutch dictionaries to and from English, French, German, and Spanish, plus a number of specialized dictionaries, synonyms, verb conjugation, spelling, games, and more.
Taalvlinder's Collection of Dutch-English Specialty Dictionaries - A very extensive listing of dictionaries of all kinds - one of the most useful Dutch-English collections
Taalvlinder List of Medical Terms - A number of medical glossaries divided as to content. Dutch-English Medical Dictionary - Dutch-English glossary of medical terms.
List and Glossary Of Medical Terms: Dutch - Online medical glossary for a number of languages. Dutch-English Financial Dictionary - Contains over five thousand financial terms translated in their context and periodically updated with frequently asked translations - ideal for analysts, consultants, auditors and investors.
Dictionary of Technical Terms - A large collection of English and Dutch terms used in Computer Aided Technologies such as CAD, CAM, CAE, as well as Logistics and Information Technology in general. Dictionary of Electronics - Dutch dictionary of electronic terms.
Glossary of Construction Terms - Dutch-English glossary of terms used in the construction industry.


English-Estonian-English Dictionary of Economics - With nearly 2100 terms defined.


Finnish-Swedish-English-Russian Mathematics Dictionary - Keyword search, also provides a view of all words in one page.
Finnish Mathematical Dictionaries - Listings of various mathematical translation materials in Finnish; the page is in English.
Lexitec Finnish Glossaries - Features English-Finnish and Finnish-English glossaries of computer terms, free dictionary of Business English, and other items.
Index of Finnish Special Dictionaries - Directory in Finnish.


Le Grand Dictionnaire Terminologique anglais-francais - French interface, provides dictionary translations for technical terminology to and from French, English, and Latin.
Collins - Reverso English-French Medical Dictionary - Medical dictionary with English-French bidirectional translations.
List and Glossary of medical terms: French - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.
Dictionnaire économique - French dictionary of economics in HTML format, alphabetical index.
Collins - Reverso English-French Business Dictionary - Business dictionary with English-French bidirectional translations.
Collins - Reverso English-French Computer Dictionary - Computer and information technology dictionary with English-French bidirectional translations.
Le Jargon Francais - A monolingual French computer and information technology dictionary in a wiki format, with contributions by users.
EBSI IT Glossary - Monolingual French glossary of information technology terms.
French-English-French Dictionary of Wine Economic Expressions - HTML dictionary of wine expressions in French and English.


Téarmaí Ríomhaireachta/Computing Terminology - Glossary of computing terms in Gaelic.
Gaelic Computing Terminology - Glossary of computing terms in Gaelic.


Roche Lexikon Medizin - German monolingual glossary of medical terms
List and Glossary of medical terms: German - Online medical glossary for a number of languages. - German-English Linguistic Glossary - "This glossary contains definitions of linguistic terms, which are used for the generation of links and for indexing in canoonet. A search for one of these terms results in a hit list, where the individual list members point to glossary entries and grammatical descriptions."
German-English Mechatronics Lexikon - Dictionary of mechanical, engineering, and electronics terms in German and English.
Beilstein Dictionary of Organic Chemistry - HTML bilingual German-English dictionary.
Acronyms and Abbreviations - Acronyms and abbreviations in German and English, with a special emphasis on abbreviations of chemical compound names.
Computer-Lexikon Glossar Online-Lexikon - German translations of computer and information technology terms.
Lebensmittel Lexikon - German dictionary of culinary terms.


English-Greek Dictionary of Insurance and Financial Terms - Bidirectional Greek-English HTML dictionary of financial terms.
Infolex Informatics Terminology Dictionary - Bilingual dictionary of technical terminology with searches on terms and abbreviations.
Online Glossary of Linguistics Terminology - Bidirectional Greek-English dictionary of linguistics terminology, searchable and with HTML format.


Jarmuszotar Automotive Dictionary - Hungarian-English dictionary of automotive terms, with over 24,000 terms.
Electronics Glossary - An electronic library of documents and computerized information resources using the most common English words and abbreviations and their definitions in Hungarian.
Internet Glossary - HTML glossary of English internet terms with their Hungarian explanations.



List and Glossary of medical terms: Italian - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.
Glossario di Economia e Finanza - Definitions of financial term in Italian and English in HTML format.


Japan Surgical Society Dictionary - Medical terms and their definitions in Japanese.
MEDO (Medical English Dictionary Online) - Short medical glossary
An English-Japanese Dictionary of Electrical Engineering - With over 30,000 entires.
eWord IT Dictionary - Information technology terminology in HTML indexed format.
JAANUS : Japanese Architectural and Art Historical Terminology - In both English and Japanese


KMLE: Korean Medical Library Engine - Searchable Korean-English medical dictionary.
Korean-English Computer Terms - Searchable, with Korean interface.




English-Lithuanian Dictionary of Computer Science Terms - With over 7000 definitions.
Dictionary of Building Terms - Short Lithuanian-English dictionary of terms in the construction industry.



Qamosona Pashto Dictionaries Project - Site includes a number of Pasho dictionaries, which are all searchable for translations of English terms into Pashto, and includes datasets with computer and science terms.


Partran English to Parsi Translator - Translates text from English to Persian, with a great number of different specialized dictionaries for use. Text limit of 150 words per search. Also includes online English-Persian dictionary with a number of special lexical datasets.



Dicionario Medico - Monolingual Portuguese medical dictionary.
List and Glossary of medical terms: Portuguese - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.
Portuguese Dictionary of Places and Names - Monolingual Portguese geographical dictionary.
Portuguese Dictionary of Foreign Words - Monolingual Portguese foreign loanwords dictionary.


Dictionar de Termeni Matematici Roman-Englez - Glossary of mathematical terms from Romanian into English.
Alcor Romanian Rhyming Dictionary - Romanian rhyming dictionary with a host of rhyming dictionaries in other languages.


Glossary of Medical Terms - HTML glossary of medical terms and their Russian translations.
The Comprehensive Russian Computer Dictionary - Russian-English bilingual search; requires Cyrillic Windows-1251 encoding, and offers embedded regular expressions for substring and complex search patterns.
English-Russian Dictionary of Computing for Everyone - HTML English-Russian dictionary of computer terms.
A Russian-English Collocational Dictionary of the Human Body - With font downloads.
Anatomical Dictionary (Russian-Latin)
Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviation - HTML English-Russian dictionary of computer terms.


English-Slovenian Dictionary of Computer Science - Online searchable English-Slovenian computer science dictionary.


Medical Spanish Dictionary - "Click on one of the above medical Spanish dictionaries to look up Spanish medical terminology. Translations include coloquial usage, and all terms inlcude audio."
Diccionario medico-biologico, historico y etimologico - Spanish dictionary of biological and medical terms, with historical background and etymology
123teachme Spanish Medical Dictionary - HTML Spanish-English medical dictionary
List and Glossary of medical terms: Spanish - Online medical glossary for a number of languages.
Andy Miles English-Spanish Business Dictionary - With over 6000 terms.