Music Magazines and Blogs

Music Magazines and Blogs

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Seattle Records


United States

Alternative Press
Music magazine with band interviews, photos, information on upcoming releases, and music charts 
Country Standard Time News Magazine
"We are devoted to covering country, bluegrass, roots/Americana and rockabilly music through insightful features, news that matters, comprehensive CD, concert and book reviews, blogs, editorials and more." 
Monthly magazine for the metal community. 
The Deli National
A daily updated website covering 11 local US music scenes through 11 dedicated, separate blogs; covers a wide spectrum of genres, including Indie, Alt Rock, DIY, Post Punk, Rootsy Music and occasionally also Metal and Hip Hop. 
DJ Mag
Dance music magazine - "Living and Breathing Dance Music". 
Electronic Musician Remixmag
Info about remixing and audio production, with reviews, tutorials, interviews, and videos. 
Female Metal
Latest news about women in the metal world. 

Maximum Ink
Wisconsin music magazine with interviews, reviews, previews and articles on international, national, regional and local bands of all genres. 


Music and Vision
Classical music daily. 
Music Row
Country music business magazine from Nashville. 
Paste Magazine
Monthly music and entertainment digital magazine 
Reviews, interviews, and articles on alternative and indie music. 

Rock Sound Magazine
Reviews, stories, interviews, and latest info on the rock scene. 
Rolling Stone
The classic magazine devoted to music, liberal politics, and popular culture. 
Sound and Vision
Multilingualbook's own music blog! 

Tastes Like Rock!
Everything in the world of rock from alt to punk and beyond. 

Vibe: Redefining Hiphop
Music and entertainment magazine founded by producer Quincy Jones, featuring R&B and hip-hop music artists, actors and other entertainers 

The official webiste of the BBC Classical Music magazine. 
FACT Magazine
Online music magazine covering the pop, alt, indie, dj, hiphop music scenes. 
FACT Magazine: Dubstep
FACT magazine reviews of the dubstep scene. 
Get Darker
Reviews of the dubstep scene. 
Metal Hammer
News, reviews, and interviews from the metal scene. 
The Wire: Adventures in Modern Music
Interview, reviews, and essays on the current music scene. 
Independently produced fanzine covering dancehall, grime, dubstep, dub, bashment, roots, and all points in between. 


Finnish music magazine. 


French music magazine devoted to rock and folk music. 


Rocks: Das Magazine Für Classic Rock
German coverage of the classic rock scene.
The classic magazine in German. 


Italian music magazine. 

The Netherlands

Dutch rock magazine. 


Afro Baile
Reviews and articles on Brazilian music, in English. 

FACT Magazine
Portuguese edition of the online music magazine covering the pop, alt, indie, dj, hiphop music scenes. 
Slipcue Guide to Brazilian Music
Comprehensive reviews of Brazilian music, with huge range and coverage - an amazing resource. 


Ruta 66
Spanish music magazine covering rock, pop, and culture. 


Magazine devoted to Japanese culture, in English, with sections on the music scene in Japan. 
Music Magazine
Japan's premier music magazine. 
Purple Sky
Magazine for writers and artists focused on creatively delivering content about Japanese music, the scenes and the lifestyle; in English.