Online Danish Language Dictionaries

  Danish, Danish-English, and Other Dictionaries

Ordbogen Danish Dictionaries - Searchable online Danish dictionaries, in many languages and kinds, with cell phone apps for download. Danish Dictionary - Multilingual dictionary for Danish to and from English, Finnish, French German, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Latin, and Esperanto.
Retskrivningsordbogen (Danish Orthographic Dictionary) - Danish orthographic dictionary; finds words constructed out of the term entered.
Skandinavisk Ordbok - Online dictionary that translates terms in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian to the other languages. Contains only terms that are not common to all three languages and create a barrier to mutual understanding; thus the lexical database contains only 3,000 terms.
Freedict Danish-English and English-Danish Dictionary - Simple word translations without additional information. Danish Dictionaries - A collection of free Danish bilingual dictionaries for English, Czech, Dutch, Slovak, Faroese, and French. Browsable online, with word searches, and downloadable data files.
Informationsordbogen - Provides definitions for over 3000 terms related to library science and information technology