Comparative Bantu OnLine Dictionary (CBOLD) - The CBOLD project was started in 1994 by Larry Hyman and John Lowe at Berkeley to produce a lexicographic database to support and enhance the theoretical, descriptive, and historical linguistic study of the languages in the important Bantu family. The site contains searchable dictionaries in Bukusu, Chewa, Emakhua, Ganda, Gevove, Jita, Kalanga, Kerewe, Kiga, Koyo, Lozi, Mpongwe, Nande, Ndebele, Nyambo, Nyamwezi, Pende, Shi, Venda, and Yao, plus Tervuren's database of Bantu Lexical Reconstructions and the Tanzanian Language Survey.




G.P. Bargery's Hausa-English Dictionaries - Online searchable electronic edition of Bargery's A Hausa-English Dictionary and English-Hausa Vocabulary, considered the greatest Hausa dictionary yet compiled, with the the largest number of words, derived forms, and dialectal forms. There are over 39,000 Hausa words defined, with 4,600 English words and their Hausa equivalents.
Hausa-Boko-German-English Dictionary - Online searchable quatralingual dictionary, with queries from Boko, German, and English into Hausa and the other languages.


  Malagasy Malagasy-French Dictionary - Online HTML dictionaries for Malagasy-French and French-Malagasy, plus a Malagasy grammar, conversations, texts, and articles.




Peace Corps Mandinka-English Dictionary - Downloadable PDF dictionary of Mandinka words with English definitions; site also includes a Mandinka Grammar Manual in PDF format, and a lexical training database of Mandinka and Wolof words in MS Access format and FoxBase Mac+, downloadable for Windows and Mac platforms.





Duramazwi RechiShona (The General Shona Dictionary) - Online searchable monolingual Shona dictionary developed by The Norwegian Documentation Project and the African Languages Lexical Project.



  Somali Somali-French Dictionary - Online searchable bilingual Somali-French dictionary.
Redsea Somali-English-Italian Dictionary - Small online trilingual Somali-English-Italian dictionary.



Sesotho sa Leboa (Northern Sotho) - English Dictionary - Online searchable bilingual Northern Sotho-English dictionary, with interfaces in both English and Sotho.
Online Explanatory Sesotho sa Leboa Dictionary - Online searchable monolingual Northern Sotho (Sesotho sa Leboa) dictionary.
Bukantswe: Sesotho-English Dictionary - Web version of the Bukantswe dictionary, in both HTML indexed format and searchable.
Bukantswe: Electronic Sesotho-English Dictionary - Bukantswe is a freely downloadable electronic Sesotho-English dictionary of over 8000 entries for Windows 95/98/XP.




Peace Corps Wolof-English Dictionary - Downloadable PDF dictionary of Wolof words with English definitions; site also includes a Wolof Grammar Manual in PDF format, and a lexical training database of Wolof and Mandinka words in MS Access format, downloadable for Windows and Mac platforms.
French-Wolof Glossary - HTML glossary of French words and their Wolof equivalents, indexed alphabetically.



  Zulu Zulu-English Dictionary - Online searchable bilingual Zulu-English dictionary.