What are the different types of Spanish languages

What are the different types of Spanish languages and accents?

Types of Spanish Accents Differences in Spanish from Latin America And Spain Video Spanish Accent Battle: Celebrity Edition Country/Territory Status Population (2014)[2] Regulatory body More information Mexico De facto[3] 120,286,655 Academia Mexicana de la Lengua Mexican Spanish Colombia De jure[4] 48,400,388 Academia Colombiana de la Lengua Colombian Spanish Spaina De jure[5] 47,737,941 Real Academia Española Peninsular Spanish Argentina De facto[6] 43,024,374 Academia Argentina de Letras Rioplatense Spanish Perub De jure[7] 30,147,935 Academia Peruana de la Lengua Peruvian Coast Spanish Venezuela De jure[8] 28,868,486 Academia Venezolana de la Lengua Venezuelan Spanish Chile De facto[9] 17,363,894 Academia Chilena de la Lengua Chilean Spanish Ecuadorc De jure[10] 15,654,411 Academia Ecuatoriana de la Lengua Ecuadorian Spanish Guatemala De jure[11] 14,647,083 Academia Guatemalteca de la Lengua Guatemalan Spanish Cuba De jure[12] 11,047,251 Academia Cubana de la Lengua Cuban Spanish Boliviad De jure[13] 10,631,486 Academia Boliviana de la Lengua Bolivian Spanish Dominican Republic De jure[14] 10,349,741 Academia Dominicana de la Lengua Dominican Spanish Honduras Honduras De jure[15] 8,598,561 Academia Hondureña de la Lengua Honduran Spanish Paraguaye De jure[16] 6,703,860 Academia Paraguaya de la Lengua Española Paraguayan Spanish El Salvador De jure[17] 6,125,512 Academia Salvadoreña de la Lengua Salvadoran Spanish Nicaragua De facto[18] 5,848,641 Academia Nicaragüense de la Lengua Nicaraguan Spanish Costa Rica De jure[19] 4,755,234 Academia Costarricense de la Lengua Costa Rican Spanish Puerto Ricof De jure[20] 3,620,897 Academia Puertorriqueña de la Lengua Española Puerto Rican Spanish Panama De jure[21] 3,608,431 Academia Panameña de la Lengua Panamanian Spanish Uruguay De facto[22] 3,332,972 Academia Nacional de Letras Uruguayan Spanish Equatorial Guineag De jure[23] 1,722,254 Academia Ecuatoguineana de la Lengua Española Equatoguinean Spanish