A Guidebook for Learning the Tlingit Language Haa Wsineix̱ Haa Yoo X̱'atángi / Our Language Saved Us:


A great book for guiding you through the complexities of Tlingit. 

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Tlingit is a language indigenous to Southeast Alaska, Northwestern British Columbia, and Southwestern Yukon. It is one branch of the massive Na-Dene language family, the other being Eyak-Athabascan. There are approximately 100 speakers of the language today, and this text is part of a larger movement dedicated to increasing that number. The Tlingit language is undoubtedly complex, from the sound system to the ways that things relate to one other within the language. Without a doubt, though, the most complicated part of the language is the ways that verbs function. The verbs are the heart of the language, and most Tlingit second-language learners find themselves stuck trying to figure out how to properly interpret and use verbs in their language.

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