Alberta Elders' Cree Dictionary Nancy LeClaire and George Cardinal


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Welcome to our Cree page! We plan to list more items as they become available. Cree (or Cree-Montagnais, Cree-Montagnais-Naskapi) is the name for a continuum of dialects of Algonquian languages spoken by nearly 117,000 people across Canada, with an official status in the Northwest Territories. There are five major Cree dialects: Western/Plains Cree, Northern/Woodlands Cree, Central/Swampy Cree, Moose Cree, and Eastern Cree, all of which are mutually intelligible. The Cree are Canada's largest native group, with 200,000 registered members and dozens of self-governed nations. If you know of a book, tape, or other items that you think should be added to our page, please e-mail us at

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