Ann pale kreyòl - Elementary and Intermediate Haitian Creole


This is a comprehensive set of teaching materials designed to provide learners with a thorough grounding in the sounds, grammar, and vocabulary of Haitian Creole. It includes 25 chapters, each containing dialogue materials, grammar sections, and extensive practice materials progressing from drill to communicative activities. Also included is a guided introduction to the official spelling system, varied listening comprehension sections, keyed exercises, and reading selections covering aspects of Haitian geography and history. The book is illustrated with many line drawings, and a 1200 word Creole-English glossary is appended. It differs from its predecessor (A Basic Course in Haitian Creole) by the use of the official (IPN) spelling, by the inclusion of drawings illustrating objects and actions, and by a more accurate and authentic portrayal of Haitian culture. Ann pale kreyòl is the most comprehensive set of teaching materials available for Haitian Creole. Designed for persons who wish to acquire a working command of the language sufficient to communicate with monolingual speakers, it is eminently suitable for both use in formal courses as well as for self-instruction. 2001 edition, 278 pages, with 10 CDs. 
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