Arabic In a Flash Complete with Iraqi and Saudi and Reading Arabic courses

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Save with the most complete solution for Arabic available, You will learn the basic of Arabic, speaking, reading and writing with native speaking audio to practice with and extensive text backup. In this package you receive the following

  • Saudi Arabic Comprehensive Course with 15 remastered hours of audio and text
  • Iraqi Arabic course with 5 hours and text
  • Modern written Arabic with 25 hours of audio and text and
  • Al Mumtaz Dvd course with hours of lessons
  • 5 Arabic Books
  • Over $1000 worth of materials
  • Includes 1 hour of free video language tutoring


Tens of thousands have become fluent because of the Foreign Service Method and Linguaphone courses.  You can too!


If you are active military or working with a non-profit you can save 10% just use discount

code #mil10 or Savetheworld and save ten percent on your orders.







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