Beginning Passamaquoddy

This course of audio CDs or cassettes and bilingual texts, developed under a Title VII Federal Grant, provides basic phrases, structures, and vocabulary needed to speak Passamaquoddy in everyday situations. Three distinct components comprise this beginning-level course: 1) A basic phrasebook with accompanying cassette. The appendix includes additional useful phrases, a brief pronunciation guide, commands, and notes on the Passamaquoddy writing system, which was developed by linguists and native speakers. 2) An encyclopedia-type reference text, richly illustrated, accompanied by 3 audio cassettes which provide a spoken presentation of the material of the program. This book begins with animals, includes diverse sections such as feelings and emotions, recipes, and furniture (to name a few), and ends with notes on tribal government, names, and relationships. 3) A one-cassette program with booklet for mastering the vowel sounds of Passamaquoddy. 3 CDs (3-1/2 hr.), 50-p. phrasebook, 112-p. reference text, and vowel sounds booklet. 
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