Beginning Tlingit Nora Marks Dauenhauer and Richard Dauenhauer

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Beginning Tlingit combines a systematic introduction to Tlingit grammar with phrases and conversations for everyday use. Moving from the easiest and advancing to the more complex, the book teaches students how to produce new sentences of their own. This updated edition includes audio CDs so that students can hear how the language sounds, and follow along with the lessons; they are set up so listeners can interact, sometimes repeating the words, sometimes guessing the answers.

A detailed introduction explains the drills and suggests ways of using the book at home, in schools, and in Tlingit communities. This is a revised Fourth Edition of the book that was first published nearly 25 years ago, and which remains the major text in the field. Contents include prefaces to all editions, Book One: Teacher and Student Guide, and Book Two, which consists of an introduction and nine lessons. Appendices include Tlingit verb charts, song texts, and a checklist in traditional Tlingit education. Includes three audio CDs, the book, and a color brochure that lists the CD tracks, which correspond to lessons in the book.