BESTA CDA-631 Electronic Dictionary English-Chinese Translator

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  • First to incorporate learning grammar from sample sentences.
  • Built-in with English-Chinese Dictionary, approximate 300,000 words.
  • Built-in with reputable Oxford Advanced Learner's English-Chinese Dictionary (6th Edition) & Cambridge Encyclopedia. For Oxford, A Collection of 60,000 words and phrases, 130,000 Example sentences (human voice). Provides usages, phrases, verb phrases, prefix/suffix, basic words. Allows secondary search; Spelling check, similar word and add new word. Definition screen include cross search with English-Chinese (E/C), Oxford (OX) and English-English (E/E). Allows to select either KK or DJ English phonetic symbols. Provides examples, derivation/root, compound, idioms, usages and multimedia animation. For Cambridge Encyclopedia, Enable cross search in other dictionaries, provide reference appendix and related words search with approx. 4,000,000 headwords, phrases and definitions. It includes more than 20 reputable dictionaries.
  • Largest technical dictionaries database, including 150 volumes of terminology and technical term dictionaries compiled by Besta, National Institute for Compilation and Translation (Taiwan), National Science and Technology Terms Standard Committee (China), the best reference tool for professionals, students and researchers.
  • Illustrated Dictionary (with 6,500 words) provides Various illustration to learn English and Chinese words.
  • Provides comparison in Chinese and English for the present scene. Provide "number/ letter marked picture/ no marked picture" for selection. Provides both English and Chinese Pronunciation.
  • Providing The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary and Chinese Dictionary (73,000 Chinese words) , in Simplified and Traditional versions.
  • 13 Language Dictionary including Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian languages for immediate translation during your overseas visiting. It's 360,000 words size and real-human voice.
  • English - Chinese - Japanese - Korean Dictionary, Practical Nouns, Business English, Daily Conversation and Conversation with Classmates.
  • Pre-installed and expandable Travel Dialogues and Multilingual Dialogues available in 16 languages with real human voice (Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Thai, Malay, Vietnamese, Dutch, Indonesian, Cantonese, Hakka, Hokkien, Sichuan).
    • The following features are for Chinese speaking customers:
    • Downloadable Animated Grammar and Animated Phases for English learning through real scenario and animation.
    • Questions and Answers for US Naturalization, questions to be asked during the interview for the US Naturalization process.
    • English Business Writing and Chinese-English Collocation Dictionary.
    • The following features are for English speaking customers:
    • The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary, learning Chinese made easy.
    • Strokes Order of Chinese Simplified and Traditional Characters, learn to write Chinese characters correctly.
    • Chinese Idiom Dictionary with approx. 8,000 idioms.
    • Chinese Dictionary with approx. 60,000 words and phrases.
    • 11 input methods for Traditional Chinese characters.
    • 6 input methods for Simplified Chinese characters.
  • Smart and wildcard input methods for unknown spelling.
  • Adjustable large, medium and small font sizes for definitions.
  • Large 4.3" TFT with 65,000-color liquid crystal display.
  • Built-in with Japanese->Chinese, Chinese->Japanese Dictionary, approx 110,000 words search.
  • Downloadable Video Learning titles with daily life contents.
  • Animated Grammatical Learning, through scenario teaching method, enhance your memory.
  • Learn English through watching cartoons, fun and effective.
  • Provide precise pronunciation via Syllable by Syllable.
  • Incorporating MP3, Voxware and Bestalk voice technologies.
  • Built in with MP3 Player & Digital Voice Recording, learn & relax at one go.
  • Extra slim and double card slot design, enable memory extension with standard SD card. One SD/MMC/SDHC card slot, expandable up to 32GB.
  • USB transmission media and portable hard disk function.
  • 200 MB of user's memory space.
  • Using Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, FREE 100-240V transformer.