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Archer Board Game



The object of the game is to gain the Upper Hand over your opponents by insulting them, doing well on missions (quite the ego boost), and encountering random guest stars and secondary characters from the show.

Each player starts with 5 Upper Hand. The first player to get to 20 Upper Hand wins the game. Each player chooses one of the following characters to play: Archer, Lana, Malory, Cyril, Pam, Cheryl, Ray or Dr. Krieger. The insults and dirty tricks you deliver to the other players are based on actual quotes from the show that your character makes. The cards in your unique deck of 20 cards give you the ability to hurl insults, "come on" to another character or say something that builds up your character's own ego.

The action takes place at the ISIS Headquarters, though spy missions send the gang off to various exotic locales each round of play. The game features 6 important office locations within ISIS, but you (typically) play with around 4 of them, making each game play out very differently as the "Office Map" will vary from game to game. Each location does something different, but only the first person to go to each location each round gets the benefit listed on that location. Surely there will be no name calling when another player beats you to the punch! At the start of each round, each player secretly chooses which of the 4 locations they wish to move to use their character tokens. Each character token has an office location name listed on one side. Then, in initiative order, each player reveals their location choice and puts their character token onto that location tile. So the later your turn is in the initiative order, the greater the chance that another player will have already gone to the location you chose.