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American Sign Language Clip and Create 5
It's brand new! American Sign Language Clip and Create 5 is an upgraded version of American Sign Language Clip and Create. Now you can design your own sign language materials using any of over 5,000 sign (more than 1,500 new signs) clipart pictures and explanatory graphics. Custom printing features enable you to create letterhead, banners, posters, cards, postcards, and labels. New features include the ability to "layer" your designs, and save files as bitmap so that they can be used in other programs. Use six templates to customize crossword puzzles, SIGN-O cards, fingerspelling scrambles, ABC order worksheets, and word finds and also save them as bitmap. Four games - Spell WellMatch MadnessCon-SIGN-tration, and Sort it Out! support spelling, sign language memory, receptive speed, and categorization skills.

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