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Dari for Foreigners
Learn to speak read and understand Dari (Afghan Persian) which is one of the two official languages spoken in Afghanistan.
The other official language is Pashto, spoken predominantly in Eastern and Southwestern Afghanistan. Dari serves as the lingua franca in government and business since it is spoken by the majority of urban dwellers, and is even spoken in some primarily Pashto-speaking areas. Primarily designed for English-speaking students, this series provides guided instructions for reading, writing and understanding the Dari language. The English alphabet has been adopted to represent the sound system of Dari using a methodology known as the “lowest common denominator.”
Students are able to master the grammatical features of the language through a sound system that is familiar and comfortable. This book and audio course was developed by the Center for Afghanistan Studies at the University of Nebraska at Omaha, and includes course material along with 4 CDs.
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