European Language Explorer Flash Drive, Learn Spanish French German Italian Portuguese Czech Greek Hungarian

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Download on up to four devices, good for the whole family, Works on any computer, tablet, chromebook. 

Ready to go to Europe then this loaded flash drive is what you need. 

Learn 8 languages all with comprehensive courses with hours of native audio and text. over 100 hours of audio total and over 300 hours in the deluxe edition. This handy USB drive also comes with European maps, proverbs, Language tips, and you get an hour of Free Online video tutoring in the language of your choice, 

Platiquemos Spanish course and the Foreign Service Method remastered is the main learning material on the drive. We are constantly improving these courses and you get 3 years of free upgrades. The material on the drive will allow you to speak, read and understand at an intermediate level once completed. The deluxe version takes you close to fluency in Spanish French and German Hungarian Greek and Portuguese. 

For a limited time, you will also get a free copy of our new Bilingual Book French Animals with your purchase,

Here is a partial list of what on European Language Explorer.

  • Platiquemos Spanish 1 and 2 (15 hours audio 380 pages text)
  • French Foreign Service One (15 hours audio 150 pages text)
  • Fast Italian
  • Fast Czech
  • German Foreign Service One
  • Hungarian Level one (15 hours of audio and 250 pages text)
  • Greek level One (12 hours audio plus text)
  • Portuguese Level One (20 hours audio plus text)
  • Comes on a reusable 16 GB quality brand flash drive
  • Travel Maps for Europe
  • Ten Tips to Learn Each Language
  • Free Hour of online tutoring

On The deluxe drive, you get all that plus---

  • All 8 levels of Platiquemos
  • additional level for Hungarian, Italian and Portuguese
  • Additional levels for Greek, German French
  • Classic books in European Language
  • Intermediate reader series for Spanish
  • 32 GB quality brand USB Flash Drive







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