Fluenz Spain Spanish Levels 1-5


FLUENZ SPANISH 1-5 Windows I-phone Android CD-Rom for Latin American Spanish

With this version you will learn plenty as you get five  levels of Spanish instruction. Great for your next to Spain.

Master the basics and gain the ability to navigate through a new country or city

Real-world situations you'll engage in:

  • Going out to eat and for entertainment
  • Shopping and monetary transactions
  • Navigating airports and train stations
  • Taking buses and communicating with taxi drivers
  • Making hotel reservations and other travel arrangements

Foundational topics covered:

  • Constructing sentences using present and future tense verbs
  • Issuing commands
  • Forming questions
  • Masculine and feminine noun genders
  • Adjectives
  • Pronouns and possessives
  • Preposition usage
  • Counting up to 999,999 and expressing time
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