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If you already speak some Spanish and want to learn Portuguese this course is for you.  Since the languages are similar many students get confused by the similarities and end up mispronouncing and jumbling words this innovative course solves those issues by leveraging your knowledge.


From Spanish to Portuguese explains the differences and allows the student to leverage their knowledge of Spanish to help them learn Portuguese faster. The content in the course includes units on sounds (Spanish vowels with counterparts in Portuguese, Portuguese vowels not occurring in Spanish, diphthongs, and consonants); grammar (word order, negation, contraction, verbs, and nominals, with focus on the differences between the two languages); hints on vocabulary transfer (sounds, words endings, and false cognates); and supplementary pronunciation exercises. The audio  illustrate the features of spoken Portuguese that are included in the text. With CDs or M3 and a book. And now Spanish to Portuguese is available in a Digital Edition on flash drive or as a download  with the recordings in MP3 audio files and the text in PDF format!