Learn Fula Basic Foreigen Service CD Course


Fula (also known as Peul, or Fulani,) is widely spoken throughout the grassland areas of West Africa, from the Atlantic to Cameroon. This course is a brief introduction to the essentials of Sene-Gambian Fula. It is designed to provide the basic grammatical structures plus a more generalized 'feel' for the structure of the language, in the context of a limited vocabulary likely to prove useful in everyday situations. The glossary is Fula-English. 24 CDs or (20 hrs.), 489-p. text. And we also have Fula Basic in a Book and MP3 Audio Edition, with a regular book and an MP3 audio CD-ROM!

The Foreign Service Institute program is designed to give students a command of spoken and written Fula. It lays a solid foundation for comprehensive language skills, and provides systematically for the development of reading proficiency based on oral skills.  Learn more about the Foreign Service Method.

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