Learn Fula Basic Foreigen Service CD Course

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Fula (also known as Peul, or Fulani,) is widely spoken throughout the grassland areas of West Africa, from the Atlantic to Cameroon. This course is a brief introduction to the essentials of Sene-Gambian Fula. It is designed to provide the basic grammatical structures plus a more generalized 'feel' for the structure of the language, in the context of a limited vocabulary likely to prove useful in everyday situations. The glossary is Fula-English. 24 CDs or (20 hrs.), 489-p. text. And we also have Fula Basic in a Book and MP3 Audio Edition, with a regular book and an MP3 audio CD-ROM!

The Foreign Service Institute program is designed to give students a command of spoken and written Fula. It lays a solid foundation for comprehensive language skills, and provides systematically for the development of reading proficiency based on oral skills.  Learn more about the Foreign Service Method.