I am NOT afraid Hebrew Version

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Some children are afraid of the dark, monsters thumping in the walls, and bear-like growls coming from their backyard. But after some adventuring, they find out that there was nothing to be afraid of! There are many things to be scared of, but not me! I’m not afraid of anything! I know that some things that seem scary, are really not quite so scary. It doesn’t matter if they are shrieking bats, flame-throwing dragons of lore, or getting picked on to answer a question in class. I’m not afraid! High Ferris wheels can be a lot of fun, and being confused about my ABCs and 123s is only temporary; I’ll figure it out eventually! I’m invincible, but I do have one itty, bitty weakness. Don’t laugh when I tell you, though. The one thing that I’m reeeaaallly scared of… is… Just kidding! I can’t tell you yet! Nope! It’s not dentist appointments, nor thumping trolls. Nor is it crackling thunder or zigzagging lightning. Want to know what I’m scared of? Bet you’ll never guess! You’ll have to read on in order to find out MY weakness! With charming illustrations and delightful rhymes, this book is great to pull out for all bedtimes!