Instant Immersion German Family Edition Levels 1,2,3 PC & MAC


Product Features

  • The newest version; Updated with a modern interface & graphics, user tracking, new software installation options and an unlimited household computer license, plus extra learning tools like the Pocket Phrase Guide and the transcript for the audio lessons
  • 3 complete levels of language-learning software use the same proven methods as other similar products - learn to speak and read in a new language using methods that occur in an immersive environment- plus lots of extra on-the go language-learning tools
  • Lots of ways learn; Use the award-winning software, get the whole family learning with the interactive DVD, use the audio lessons anywhere and follow along with a printable transcript, and use the Pocket Phrase Guide for practice or when you travel
  • Software?s game-style learning and fun, interactive atmosphere keeps you coming back, as does the feeling of success; Practice with video of native speakers and hone your pronunciation with the Voice Recording Feature-all in the comfort of your own home
  • Choose the best installation method for your device-install the software using the DVD or download online - and install on every computer in your home New: After installation, you do not need to insert the DVD to use the software

System Requirements

  • Platform:    Windows 7 / Vista / 8 / XP, Mac OS X
  • Media: CD-ROM

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