Learn German with Wild Years in West Berlin Bilingual Book

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A Young Adult story and an easy read - ideal for advanced German learners. Side-by-side layout and illustrations facilitate comprehension. Historical context of West Berlin's geopoliltical situation in the afterword. --- We are in a squatted house in West Berlin in the early 80s. Every day is a battle against the elements: The cops looking for drugs, a bunch of skinheads smashing windows, or it's Frau Steinmöller again, the lovely neighbor from across the street. Fortunately, the squatters always manage to outsmart their enemies. Only "special needs" Heiner is a tough nut to crack since he just won't let go. Adding to the supreme madness: The trials and tribulations of our brave, anarchist squatters happen on a "capitalist island," surrounded by a booby-trapped wall and an absurd communist regime. --- "There's a great sense of humour - a true gift." --- "Hard to put down. A nicely constructed read with a good tempo." --- "Wild Years in West Berlin will make you wish you had been there!" --- "Mit viel Ironie und Witz schildert Drawe das Unverständnis zwischen den Generationen. Ein Zeitdokument." --- "Vorsicht: Es könnte das Bedürfnis entstehen, ein Haus zu besetzen