Learn Serbian or English Partner ESe900 PRO Partner Voice Translator

Learn Serbian or English Partner ESe900 PRO Partner Voice Translator

Learn Serbian or English Partner ESe900 PRO Partner Voice Translator

  • The breakthrough, award-winning language learning and translation microcomputer Partner ESe900 PRO is here!

    Equipped with a never before seen set of unique linguistic programs - a result of 27-years development by our linguist specialists and engineers - Partner ESe900 PRO is the only assistant you need in all of your language venues.

    Featuring the innovative and robust hardware platform with a powerful CPU it allows the extreme flexibility while in use, has hi-resolution camera with Photo Translator program.

    The ESe900 PRO is sure to become your favorite and the only language tool used FOR studies and leisure.

    With the powerful Android OS under the hood, you’re free to do anything you want with your Partner ESe900 PRO. With limitless apps and media, there are no bounds to what this device can do.

    What are you getting?

    • Voice Translator. Just speak into the Partner ESe900 PRO and have it translate whatever you say in seconds.
    • Photo Translator. Quickly snap a pic of any text you see and have it translated instantly, internet connection required.
    • Text Translation. Type in any text you want and have it translated right away. Have it pronounced for you with just the push of a button.
    • Use over 40 language learning programs.
    • Play Linguistic Crosswords and learn words while playing.
    • Dictionary:

      An academic size bi-lingual dictionary of over 627,000 words, pronunciation of these words have been recorded by professional, native speaking narrators (for selected languages).

      • Translations complete with parts of speech, gender, comments, transcriptions, and examples.
      • Quick copy and translate (translates a selected word in other application with just one click)
      • Input Line search finds any word matching the sequence of symbols you enter
      • History function to view and select previously entered words
      • Edit the main dictionary with built-in Internet resources
      • Get explanation of the word in English
    • English Tutor. Multiple Award-winning Speaking Pal program. English language course for various scenarios you may find yourself in.