Les Aventures De Tintin - Vol. 1 - 5 (boxset) New Dvd

Original Title Les Aventures de Tintin - Vol.1 (DVD NEW)
Actors Colin O'Meara - David Fox - Susan Roman - Vernon Chapman
Condition New
Format DVD
Director Stephane Bernasconi
Runtime 500
Language French
Discs 5
Genre Animation
Subtitles English Subtitles
Description This animated series is based on the Belgium comic
of Georges Remi, better known as Herg�. For 75
years the comics are very popular in Europe.

The show is about the young reporter Tintin and his
dog Snowy. For some reason, everywhere he comes
Tintin is getting into trouble. He's travelling all
over the world and whenever it gets naughty Tintin
can count on his loyal friends, like Captain
Haddock, General Alcazar and the young Chinese boy
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