Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary

Suitable for beginners and more advanced learners, Levantine Colloquial Arabic Vocabulary is a powerful method to learn the vocabulary you need to communicate comfortably in spoken Arabic. 

Bonus: Free audio tracks available to download and stream from www.lingualism.com. 

Accompanying Anki digital SRS flashcards available separately from publisher's website. 

Features include

Over 4,500 items (words, phrases, and example sentences) in authentic Levantine (Lebanese) Colloquial Arabic have been organized into 57 thematic categories to help you build connections and expand your vocabulary quickly. 

Each item appears in Arabic script, phonemic transcription, and English translation in a carefully designed layout that allows you to reinforce your memory by covering columns and testing yourself. 

Words contain grammatical information (gender, plurals, conjugation patterns, usage notes). Idiomatic phrases model natural collocations. Example sentences help to accelerate mastery of natural language. 

Alphabetical English Index for quick referencing.