Linguaphone German All Talk Discount!

Linguaphone German All Talk Discount!

Linguaphone German All Talk Discount!


German AllTalk Complete All-Audio Course 4 cd version

Get it today, and get ready for your next trip to Paris. 

All Audio - learn on the go! Instruction is presented in an all-audio format on 16 digitally-recorded CDs. You have the opportunity to learn anywhere, taking advantage of time normally wasted. Study in your car, while exercising, doing yard work - anywhere you can safely listen to a CD player. No accompanying books are needed to help you complete the lesson activities.


Linguaphone's team of professional writers have created a unique and entertaining storyline that will keep you motivated as you work through the 16 hours of French learning joy. Learning a language does not have to be dull - and it's certainly not when you're immersed in the ups and downs of real-life characters!

With Linguaphone’s unique learning sequence: Listen, Understand, Speak, you will find yourself actually using the language in no time at all! You are presented with a unit of the language, it is then broken down and explained to you, then you put it back together - with greater understanding than just repeating what you may not have understood in the first place. You don't just study the language - you gain real proficiency in using your new language!

Quite simply, learning a language from an audio only course has many benefits. You will learn the language in a completely natural way, in the same way that you learned to speak English as a child -by listening and speaking. This allows you to develop your oral and aural skills to a far higher level. You will gain confidence and develop an exceptional understanding of what you hear, without the temptation to see the words before daring to use them - which, ultimately, is the way to securing an authentic accent and a well-trained ear.

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