My Daddy is the Best German English Bilingual Book


Children's English-German Picture book (Bilingual Edition) - My daddy is the best

Read this adorable Bilingual English-German picture book with text-zoom & full length color illustrations.
Perfect for beginner readers in German.
Simple words in German for easier learning.
English German children's picture book.
Dual language book.
Ted and Tia love their dad.
It is Father's Day, so they sit down to make a special card for their daddy as a 'Fathers Day Gift'.
The special day could just be their dad’s birthday.
Read this hilarious kids book with full length color illustrations about Ted and Tia who are trying to decide what they love BEST about their dad. In the end, they make a card that says it all!

    • They think of all the fun things their daddy does.

    • Daddy makes the best Barbeque

    • He fixes broken toys and so many other things for them

    • What should they write on their Father's Day card?

    • Read this sweet picture book to find out ...

Children (Ages 3 - 7) will enjoy this cheerful book and early readers can practice reading. Mothers can gift this book to celebrate Father's Day or Birthday to encourage children to appreciate their dads.
Happy Father's Day!!
Happy Birthday Dad!
Read this book to celebrate birthdays of dads/fathers.
Full length picture book for Children Ages 3-7

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