myTTY 3.0 Phone Messenger

myTTY 3.0 Phone Messenger

myTTY 3.0 Phone Messenger



Phone message system for myTTY 3.0 users.



Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, or 7

  • CD-ROM drive 16x

  • 32 MB memory and 100 MB hard disk space

  • TAPI-compliant voice modem.

Suggested Modems: Any good quality TAPI-compliant voice modem will do.

  • MultiTech MultiModem Model MT Series PCI (all models that start with ‘MT’)

  • Creative Labs Model DI Series (modem models that start with ‘DI’)

  • Jaton USB Communicator V.92 (all external USB modems as well as all internal modems)

  • Zoom ⁄ Modem V.92 USB Mini External, model: 3095

This out-dialing software allows you to send pre-recorded TTY text and ⁄ or voice messages to each telephone number on a customizable list. It can be used for such purposes as emergency, informational, meeting, and advertising notifications.

This software enables you to:

  • Customize TTY text and voice messages

  • Create your own contact list

  • Determine whether each contact is to be TTY text and ⁄ or voice

  • Select mode (i.e., TTY text or voice) of first contact if both options are chosen

  • Determine time of out-dialing

  • Set number of re-dials