Neerihiinjik We Traveled from Place to Place Book and Audio CD

Neerihiinjik (We Traveled from Place to Place) by Frank, Johnny ; Frank, Sarah ; Mishler, Craig Johnny and Sarah Frank's lives were steeped in the old ways of survival in the upland boreal forest of northeastern Alaska. Constantly on the move in search of game, sharing the harvest with others, and passing on their skills and cultural values through a rich tradition of oral literature, the Franks are vivid examples of how the Gwich'in survived as a tribe. Neerihiinjìk is a bilingual collection of folktales, songs, and tribal history. The book is a collaborative effort of a folklorist, a linguist, the Frank family, and other tribal members who translated nearly 40 hours of tape recordings. An audio CD containing a selection of the narratives as Johnny and Sarah told them comes with the book. A detailed chart of the Frank family tree is included. (Publication supported by National Endowment for the Humanities, Yukon Flats School District, and Alaska Humanities Forum.) Includes illustrations, photos, and bibliography. Language: Gwich'in (GA28)

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